Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Final Four

I'm down to the final four days b/f my due date.  And for the first time in this pregnancy, wondering if I'll go over.  I just had this feeling that I wouldn't this time....but it must have been wishful thinking.  ;)  I trust that God is in control and I know that His timing is perfect...but I am not, and I struggle w/ the waiting.  I have deep convictions about lots of things.  Yesterday was a very trying day for me in that department.  There were just several things that happened that made me feel like a big weirdo for doing things the way that I do.  Homeschooling, home birthing, natural approaches to things, etc.  I am happy for people to do things the way they think is best even if it's different from me.  I understand that they have their reasons.  But sometimes I don't get that in return.  Most of the time it rolls off, but yesterday it stuck and weighed me down.  I'm sure pregnancy hormones don't help.  ;)  But I'm making it and, again, learning to trust.  PLUS, if I go over then I'll get to help celebrate Jack's birthday and go to the rodeo w/ him.  I would be sad to miss out on that.  So there is the bright side!!  :)   Over all I'm still feeling good.  I've having some swelling, which I've never had before?  But sleeping has actually gotten better which is a BIG plus!!!  Pregnancy is amazing.  And I really do love getting to be pregnant.  But I sure am ready to meet this little guy!  :)


Grams said...

Hang in there stace. He will come when he's ready, early or late and things will go fine just like with the others (even if there were some thrilling moments). We are all so excited for you guys. I can't wait to come see you after things settle down. Love to all


Cheri said...

Stace try not to let what others say bother you...easier said than done I know. I give you lots of credit for doing what you do and doing what is best for your family.

This is so exciting that there is going to be a new little man into the family you look terrific and he will come when he is ready. Maybe he doesn't want to spoil Jacks B-day and have his own day, but then again, maybe he is waiting for the rodeo too.

I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

jennifer said...

You are amazing.

Amy S. said...

I ditto what Jennifer said :)


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