Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Beauty and Perfection that is Home

Here are 2 quotes that have really been hitting home w/ me lately (no pun intended, ha!).  Just continually fighting perfectionism and all it robs me and my family of.  And being more conscious about what a family should be and what a home should look like.

The family is the place where loyalty, dependability, trustworthiness, compassion, sensitivity to others, thoughtfulness, and unselfishness are supposed to have their roots.  Someone must take the initiative and use imagination to intentionally teach these things...Love isn't just happiness in ideal situations with everything going according to daydreams of family life or married life or parent-child closeness and confidences.  Love has work to do!  Hard and sacrificial work-going on when it would be easy to be provoked and think evil.  Love takes imagination and the balance of putting first things first to be taught to young people in their formative years...Can human love be perfect?  No, but it is meant to portray something within the family of the love of God for His Family.  What is a family?  A formation center for human relationships-worth fighting for, worth calling a career, worth the dignity of hard work.
Edith Schaeffer

Homemaking is about making a home-
and a home is a safe place, a refuge, a place to be real and alive and truest true.
Homemaking is not about making perfection-
A perfect home is an authentic, creative, animated space where Peace and Love and Beauty are embraced.
Ann Voskamp

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