Monday, April 11, 2011

1,000 Gifts

 201.  A pancake tower on a sunny morning.

202.  Birds singing after a downpour.

203.  A surprise trip to Baskin Robins.

204.  Ice cream on her nose.

205.  Our chickens.

206.  The feeling I still get when he walks in the door.

207.  Cough drops.

208.  Yard sales.

209.  Sweet kids in the neighborhood for our kids to play with.

210.  The way she can't resist satin.

211.  Freshly cut grass.

212.  The way she notices the beauty of spring and knows it's God's gift to her.

213.  His love for June Bugs.

 214.  Clematis

215.  A hard workin' man.

216.  Our newly planted garden.

217.  Children screaming and laughing as they run from spraying water.

218.  They way her little voice sounds when she says "Mommy"

219.  Knowing that His timing is perfect and He already knows how it's going to happen...

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