Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitude Monday

188.  Homemade Biscuits

189. Drawers filled with baby boy blue.

190.  A good report from her endocrinologist.

 191.  Azaleas blooming inside and out...and the sweet girl that brought them to me.

192.  An hour of reading as a family on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

193.  Listening to her sing her heart out while she listens to Billy's ipod.

194.  The excitement in their voices when they ran in telling me that they had found an endangered species.

195.  More meals stacked in the freezer.

196.  Him walking through the door w/ bags full of tomato sauce and tomato paste...w/o being asked.

197.  The way she waits at the table waiting for dinner while I cook.

198.  A clean bedroom to deliver a baby in.

199.  Periodic breaks from mommyhood to reflect and refresh thanks to them!

200.  Almost April!!!!!  :D

1 comment:

Laura said...

I love these posts. I am almost ready to get on this bandwagon but you know how I am rebellious like that :) I guess how could counting your blessings be wrong; right!?!


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