Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Molly Beth's Special Day

It has been forever since B's birthday, but I can't not post about it.  Billy and I decided that w/ 5 kids who have birthdays in February, March and April, it would be madness to have parties every year!  So, the solution is one year party year and the other family year.  This year was a family year for the girls.  We let them pick an activity to do w/ just Billy and me and then had cake w/ family.

The birthday kiddo gets to help make their cake...and then lick the beaters.  Molly Beth asked for a wedding cake birthday cake made out of funfetti cake mix w/ white icing and pink and yellow decorations?!?! Ha!  Perfect for her.  Thing is, I am no cake decorator....but I did my best.

After the cake was cooked we dropped the others of at my parents house and headed to her activity of choice.  Painting pottery.

She chose to paint a plate and did a beautiful job.  It had her name on it and flowers and butterflies and polka dots.  I was very cheery and beautiful...just like her :)

We came back to my folks house and the kids played outside while I decorated the cake.  Here's what I came up w/.  Now, mind you, this was done w/ a spatula and a plastic baggie!!!

But when she saw it she loved it!!!!!  So it made me proud of my attempt at her request.

Once the cake had been revealed it was time for dinner.  She picked McDonald's.  Hahaha! It was a special treat b/c we never eat there and we have a new one in town w/ a really neat indoor playground.

There were these computer thingies on the tables in the kid area.  The kids thought they were so awesome.  

Then it was back to my parents house for the cake!!

6.  Really?  Sigh.

Blowing out the candles :)

Then it was time for a present or two.

It was a special day all about Molly Beth and she had a wonderful time.  She is a wonderful blessing and worthy of celebrating!!!  She's already making plans for her next party!!!  I'm glad they only come around once a year!!!  :)


Cheri said...

It amazes me how much you are able to do with Baby #5 on the way (can't wait to see this little guy). You did a fantastic job on the cake and MB looks like she had the time of her life for her "special" day.


Piano mom said...

The cake is impressive, especially with only a spatula and baggie! Sounds like a great day.

Jess said...

I still remember playing with Suz as a tiny baby at Aunt Vail's house. Now you have #5 on the way and Molly B is 6. Time is just flying by. Love all the little touches for making the birthday girl/boy feel so special. Looks like it was a great day.


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