Friday, March 18, 2011

A Happy St. Patrick's Day

What a fun day.  I found so many great ideas on the Internet to help us celebrate!
It all started w/ breakfast.  I don't know when the last time my kiddos had Lucky Charms was, but it's been awhile so they were VERY excited to get to have this special treat.  I found these adorable Lucky love notes to print of that matched perfectly!!!  And we always have fruit w/ breakfast so this rainbow idea was perfect!!!

Last year I saw a great idea for a scavenger hunt around the house for the Leprechauns treasure so we did it this year.  It was so much fun!!!  Billy got some gold dollars from the bank and the kids couldn't believe their eyes!!!  The best part about the scavenger hunt is that the treasure has to be used anonymously for someone else.  The kids picked a sweet widow lady that lives down the street from my parents.  She has a really bad back but loves to garden.  They decided to get her some plants for her garden/yard.  I thought that was sweet and she'll LOVE it!

I let the kids make kabobs out of the fruit rainbow and then we had a green lunch!  So fun!

I made the kids little outfits and Billy wore his green work shirt.  I had to get in on the action too, so I wore my Leprechaun earring's and these fun new socks that Billy brought home for me the other day!

To end the day we went out to dinner (happy St. Patrick's day to ME!!!) and then picked up mint chocolate chip icecream.  It was a great day!!!!

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