Sunday, March 13, 2011

1000 Gifts

173.  the way she will expose my belly to lay on it and suck her thumb

174.  unborn hiccups and stretches

175.  seedlings growing with promise

176.  family coming to town

177.  quiet time to soak in a warm bath and collect my thoughts after a hectic day

178.  dimples

179.  the way he talks out loud while he plays by himself

180.  finding a sweet girl washing dishes w/o being asked

181.  the look on her face when she sees me see her

182.  the pride she feels when says, "Mommy, I'm washing the dishes for you!"

183.  the way she wants to be just like her big sisters and brother

184.  my pregnant belly

185.  being "showered" with gifts for baby #5 by sweet friends

186.  the look on his little face when I talked about a "diaper shower"...eeewwwww!!!  ;)

187.  my cornbread maker


jennifer said...

Would it be weird if I said I love your pregnant belly too. CK must love him already to suck her thumb on him :)

Lisa said...

What a beautiful list, I love the unborn hiccups and stretches and the pregnant belly too! Have a wonderful week!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Seedlings growing with promise! Such a beautiful thought. And there were so many "seedlings" in your post today -- plants, children, a little one on the way! All seedlings with promise! It was so good to be here today. Thank you for sharing!

Seth said...


Piano mom said...

Like #183. Seeing the little ones mimic the older ones is such a blessing. I enjoy the love around our home too. miss you guys.


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