Friday, February 11, 2011

A Simple Woman't Daybook

Outside my window...a sunny day.  All the snow is gone and apparently it's supposed to be in the 70's next week.  Crazy!
I am thinking...that I'm so glad it's Friday!!
I am thankful for...Raw Milk.  It's on my mind b/c my parents are headed out this morning to get some for our little milk group.  We get fresh raw milk every Friday and it can't be beat!  The health benefits of raw milk are wonderful and we really trust the farmer we get it from.
From the learning is going so great!  We love our new approach and are finally ALL happy with what we're doing.  Everything seems to be going so smoothly and we are covering more than ever before.  Weird thing is, we're done every day by lunch and we don't school on Fridays?!  Awesome!
From the kitchen...the cupboards are bare!  I'm headed to the grocery store this afternoon.
I am pj's....and it's 10:00.  HA!  Fridays are laid back around here.  :)
I am creating...a Valentine pouch for Charley Kate.
I am reading...Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley.  One of my favorite parenting books.  I think this is like my 4th time to read through it!
I am praying...for mercy.  Parenting is just so hard. 
I am hoping...for a wonderful weekend.
I am hearing...Suz playing on the piano.  Jack playing Donkey Kong.  Molly Beth blowing on Charley Kate's belly.  And Charley Kate laughing. 
Around the's time to get things organized again.  I'm down to 9 weeks so I need to get everything weeded out and organized.
One of my favorite things...Suzannah reads to sleep every night.  This is a huge step!  She would always say that she read for school but she didn't like reading.  Well, she is flying through books now.  I love it!
A few plans for the rest of the week: We have been slowly updating our house.  It's taking a while b/c everything needs to be updated.  This weekend we move on to the laundry room.  I'll try to remember to take before pictures.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 So far so good.  I don't really put much pressure on the potty thing.  I introduce it @ 18 months and just play at it as long as they are interested.  I reward w/ candy.  This approach has worked well for me.  It helps that all her siblings take her potty every time they go potty so she feels like a big girl.  I hope she's totally potty trained b/f we have the baby, but no worries if she's not.


Dixie said...

I'm sure the success in potty training increases when the hairbow and the panties match :) Way to go Stace!

TexasNeals said...

hahahahaha! dixie, i love you! but didn't you notice that the hairbow and panties match the POTTY?! ;)


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