Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Lil' B-baller

Suzannah is playing Upwards basketball for the second year.  She loves it.  Basketball is "her sport" and she looks forward to practice Monday nights and games Saturdays all week.  We should have known b/c she was able to dribble b/f she was 2!!!!  She is very small but we are trying to teach her to compensate for her size w/ her speed and skill.  She is improving all the time.

Billy is helping coach again this year.  Suz thinks that is the greatest!

She shoots on our 10 ft. goal all the time and has gotten really good at it.

This was her 3rd game.

We've been really pleased w/ the program.

I'm so glad that she is having so much fun w/ basketball.  I'm glad that she is working hard at it.  It is a challenge and it's a relief to see her stick with it and not move on to something else.  Watch out WNBA, there might be a Neal in your future.  ;)


Grams said...

Go "Q"! You are lookin' good!!

Love you

Peace family said...

We have the same uniform. Love Upwards!

Jaime said...

We're doing Upward B-ball for Russell this year, too, and we're loving it! So pleased with the whole program.

How fun that Daddy gets to coach her team, too!

jaymie said...



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