Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun in the Snow

What a fun day!  When the kids got up from rest time they were surprised by a blanket sheet of white outside.  They couldn't get out there fast enough!!!

Charley Kate thought it was great!

She had a little trouble walking at first.  But never fear.  Jack is always there to take care of her.

After he helped her up he needed some loves.  He gave her a hug and a sweet kiss.  He melts my ♥!

There wasn't just a ton of snow on the ground, but they wanted to make a snow man anyway.  It was a foot high.

Suz was all about snow ball fights!

Pulverized snow shrimp.

Cakes saw everyone throwing snow around and decided to give it a try herself.

What a thrill! She got me.

But then her hands were all snowy.  And she didn't like that.

So naturally, she wiped them on me.  Hey, what are moms for?

Suz getting more than she bargained for!!!

After a big family snow ball fight (which ended up w/ Jack in tears b/c Billy was covering me in snow and he didn't like that one bit!!!) we headed inside to get warm.  And the best way to warm up after playing in the snow is popcorn popped in the Whirley Pop and hot cocoa w/ extra marshmallows snuggled up under a warm blanket while watching cartoons!

Charley Kate wanted to eat hers by the window so she could watch the snow instead.

After I got dinner in the oven we headed back out.  In East Texas, when it snows you'd better take full advantage of it.  I.E. when the clothes are dry, get back out there b/f it all melts!!!

Fun, fun, fun!  I couldn't resist his sweet little red, runny nose.  ;)

Molly Beth's fingers got so cold she was crying.  Charley Kate didn't like that one bit so she decided to snuggle her and make her feel better.  It worked.

We had such a nice day.  Man I wish the snow would stick around.  But so thankful for the little bit we got!  :)


YaYa and Pops said...

Looks like great fun!!

Jess said...

Snow! I just love how sweet and loving all your babies are :) Mabry has an obsession right now with snowballs. If she gets her wish and the forecasted snow shows up tomorrow I might make a Billy sized snowball and see what she does. That was too funny.

jennifer said...

What sweeties! Can't wait to see you guys! We have snow right now. There were some people on our street a few minutes ago on a snow mobile. Seriously people....


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