Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lots of Kissin' Goin' On

We had a fun time ringing in the New Year this year!  It's kind of a tradition to light all the left over fireworks from the 4th of July b/f bed.  

Well, the sparklers were a bust.  They must have gotten wet or something?

Billy always goes to the end of the drive way and sets the fire works off.  Here's the kids waiting.

There they go.  They were loud!  But it was just 8 so we didn't feel bad.  Our neighborhood was booming until 12:30!!!!!

Of course these were pitiful pictures!  Charley Kate was so scared of them.  She has never shown any sign of fear of anything up until this.  For the next few days any loud noise made her startle.

Then we came inside to talk about resolutions and fresh starts and goals and to ring in the New Year.

And after the count down there were kisses all around!!!!!!!

I could hardly kiss Billy, I was laughing so hard.  The kids are so silly when we smooch!

Suz, sippin' on goofy juice! ;)

It was fun. Suzannah's resolution was to be nicer to her brother and sister and play outside every day.  Molly Beth's was to eat less candy.  Jack's was to eat more candy.  Ha!  We had a good time and the kids were able to wind down and drift off to sleep at a decent hour.  Billy and I stayed up long enough to celebrate w/ New York and then headed to bed.  Isn't there something that says what your doing when you ring in the new year is what you'll do most next year?  Sleep.  Ahhhh, here's hoping!

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Jess said...

If that is true we are going to have a blissful sleep filled year ourselves. Fingers crossed.


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