Sunday, January 30, 2011

I haven't gotten a chance to do a little recap of our trip to Nashville.

So, right after we got there we headed to the hockey game.  Sunday morning we went to church.  Vail's house is so bright and full of natural light that I couldn't resist taking a picture of my big girls.

Awesome Uncle Brian brought Rock Band over so there was a lot of time spent doing this:

 And for those not getting a turn, doing this:

Suz loving on Gus.

Avery had a sleep over w/ the big girls.

And that morning I got some snuggle time w/ my two favorite red heads in the whole wide world!!!!!

We went and painted pottery.  It was my first experience to paint potter w/ a three year old.  After a few deep breaths and a pep talk I was able to let go and enjoy his free expression  ;)

Awesome Uncle Michael took care of Charley Kate so I could get the kiddos situated.

This view of my back seat thrilled my heart! :)

Can't leave out lil' Cup Cake!  Suz and Jack were getting to ride w/ Awesome Aunt Jen.  :)

Playin' Munchkin.

Cookin' w/ Grams!

 The another sleep over w/ cousin Vail.

Morning snuggles are the best!

We had such a great time!  And getting to spend time w/ our nieces and nephew was the best!!!  Speaking of nephew, I just realized that I didn't post a picture of him?!?!  Just know that he is incredibly adorable and we loved every minute w/ him!!

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Natalie Ensor said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted pics of all the cousins! These are such precious shots. Don't worry I'm picturing Micah in the shots.


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