Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Attachment Issues

All of my kids have had something that they were attached to that brought them comfort when nothing else could.  For Suzannah it was her bazillion pacies that she needed when she went to sleep.  For Molly Beth it was a sippy cup of milk and her "boo" aka-blanket.  For was nursing.  For Charley Kate it is her thumb and when possible her blankie and pillow.  At some point a parent usually makes the decision to ween their children from the attachments to help them progress toward maturity and independence.  Jack was 18 months when we weened him.  When Suzannah was 2 we cut the paci.  I have no idea what we're going to do w/ our little thumb sucker!  And Molly Beth, well, there just came a time when she stopped using her blankie.  We washed them and put them away and until recently they had been forgotten.  I guess B ran across them b/c they have been living on her bed for days now.  I wouldn't say she's attached to them again, it's just weird to see her with them again.  But it's a sweet reminder of those precious days where she would cart her "boo" around all the time!!

It got me thinking about my own attachment issues.  And the need to ween myself from them it order to become more mature myself.  I know that I struggle w/ worrying.  It's just an illusion of control for me!  Another thing I place dependence on is fear.  It sounds strange to say that I depend on fear or am attached to fear, but how else can I explain my inability to let go of it?  Again, I think it all goes back to control.  I'm afraid that if I don't think about (or worry about) things that are out of my control then I won't be prepared if the bottom falls out.  SO.  DUMB!  It makes no sense!  But that stack of blankets on Molly Beth's bed was an eye opener for me.  I've got to get back to placing my dependence on nothing but God and my attachments to the realization that everything I have is b/c of Him.  Finding comfort in knowing that He is here.  I can't let my business distract me from setting aside time to find comfort from him daily!  It is then that the weening process begins. 

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