Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Look Who ELSE Got a New Do!

Charley Kate's hair is so thick and long in the back, but just now coming in in the front.  So when it's just down it looks a bit mulletish.  I asked my mom if she would give her a sweet little bob.  It's really adorable and I think it will help as her front hair tries to catch up w/ the rest!  :)
I didn't even realize till after I took the picture that her snack matched her socks!  HA!

My fair complected beauty.

So now I have two little girls w/ short hair.  SO weird for me!  Now to get Suzannah's trimmed and Jack's cut and we should be done for awhile!  :)


jennifer said...


Shyla said...

I resisted cutting Grace's baby curls until last week. But they really were getting mullet-ish and like you said, the front needs to catch up. So Grace is sporting the bob now too but I was so pleased that it is still curly :)

YaYa and Pops said...

My precious baby!


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