Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookies for Santa

The last installment of the Christmas cookie jar is the cookies for Santa.  I'm not posting it on my food blog b/c it's just a simple sugar cookie recipe and store bought icing.  This is a picture of the ones we made last year.  I wasn't posting at the time, but it's such a cute idea that I wanted to share in case anyone wanted to make them.  It's just hearts upside down.  This kids said this was their favorite!  The coconut is a really fun touch, but if your kids are adamantly apposed to coconut I think that white sugar sprinkles would look nice too.  We'll be making our cookies for Santa tomorrow and it's a delish recipe so be checking my food blog for it.
Hope everything is coming together for you!  It's almost here.  I can hardly wait!!!!!  :)

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