Friday, November 5, 2010

Traditions are Coming!

I'm going to try something different next week.  I am nervous and excited.  I am going to do a weekly linky party?!?!  I hope it's not a flop!  I think it will be fun!

I love traditions!!!  I believe they are vital to our children's sense of security and family unity!!!  I love them!  And especially around the holidays we have a lot!  So I thought, why not share some traditions w each other?!  I have never done a link thing or a party on my blog, but I hope you will join!  I think it will be neat to hear about how different families celebrate.  I'll be doing it every Tuesday till the week of Christmas.  Now I've got to pick and choose which traditions to share?  Some are old favorites and some are new to us this year.  I hope we can inspire each other to have strong family traditions that repeat themselves every year and make an anchor for our precious kiddos!!!

"Traditions illustrate and accentuate the messages, values and gifts that are unique to your family's Christian heritage. They also emphasize and reinforce the truths and convictions that you want to take root in the hearts of your children, and provide them w/ rich food for their memories. Everything associated w/ holidays and traditions creates an emotional anchor to hold memories deep in your children's hearts for a lifetime. Those anchors also become sources of stability and security for your children as they navigate the sea of life."

So, start thinking about some of your favorite traditions that you would like to link up and share!  YAY!  I'm excited!  Be looking for it Tuesday!  :)

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Jess said...

Traditions are one of my favorite things!


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