Thursday, November 4, 2010

School Days: October

Sigh.  School in October is always rough.  The new school year high is gone and you're getting excited about the holidays and school becomes a have tuh rather that a get tuh.

This October has been particularly challenging for us b/c I am having what I'm calling "a mid semester crisis."  I'm realizing that I am a school teacher at heart...but that doesn't translate very well to home schooling.  If I could have desks and a whole little school room I would.  As it is, I've turned my kitchen into a school room.  This was fine last year when I had one side dedicated to school, but I decided that one wall would be for kindergarten and the other side would be for Suz.  Two sets of alphabets (one cursive) maps, colors, shapes, numbers, calendars and on and on.  And lots of workbooks.  I have decided that this is not what HOME school is all about to me.  And it's not what I want my kids education to be about.  I don't want to give them a school education at home.

There are many reasons we homeschool!!  Quality of education is definitely one.  I don't think that the quality of education I'm giving my kids this year is any different that what they could get anywhere else.  I want their education to be rich.  To be fun.  To be exciting.  And most of all to longed for.  Suzannah doesn't like school.  What does that say when you are homeschooling?  I'll tell you what it says, it says I'm doing something wrong.  So, for the month of October we have taken a break from circle time (although that is something we WILL keep) and have just done the musts.  Handwriting, math and reading.

I have been researching and praying and searching for the school style that works for us.  I want it to be RICH.  Rich is a good word to describe what I'm looking for.  I want education to be more than workbooks.  Every family does what is best for their family!  I am realizing that what we are doing is not what is best for us.  So in my little crisis I found what I think we need.  It's a completely different approach to education than I've been using.  I'm excited about getting started after Christmas, although we are making some gradual changes now.

My prayer is that this change will reignite their love of learning.  That they will see education as living and learning like breathing.  That they will look forward to our school time b/c it's exciting!  And that I will be able to provide an education for them that is rich.

Is life all about fun and exciting things?  No.  I what them to be able to do hard things and things that they don't enjoy w/ a good attitude.  That is part of character study.  It's another thing that we will not get rid of.  But learning SHOULD be fun and exciting.  And even if copy work or word problems aren't fun and exciting, I hope that they will realize the end to the means and find that exciting.  I want to be better about making life a learning experience and for them to love it.

So that's the update.  I WILL have pictures for this month's recap and more details.  Maybe less ranting...maybe not?! Ha! I don't want to feel flakey.  I'm looking at this the same way I look at parenting.  You do what works.  If it isn't working you change it.  So here we go.  ;)


Laura said...

Rich is such a good word! Me too!! Me too!!

Audra Caldwell said...

Stacey, Thank you for sharing. I have found the last couple of weeks really hard and now I know it is the October slump...I am thinking some of the same things right now, so thank you for being so open! Please share more on your change of curriculum? or approach? I would love to hear more. I know sometimes you say you feel frazzled or flakey.. but please know I look forward to your posts. and the Awesome wisdom you share with us!! I completely get the Rich education, whether a homeschooler or public schooler... that rich education is still our job as parents! Somthing that often overwhelms me, but I"m so glad we have other mom's that are in it with us!

all4memories said...

I don't know if you have ever heard of the curriculum "Little Hearts For His Glory", etc. or not, but that's what we use, and it is wonderful! Everything is all laid out for you everyday, and she only uses items that you would find around the house most of the time. The lady that wrote it USED to be a public school teacher, and then she homeschooled. She's also a Christian. If you want to take a peek at this you can find it at Oh, yeah, the book works great if you are homeschooling more than one level, and it's set up to be very flexible. If I can help you by answering any questions, here's my email addy Blessings to you and your entire family!!!


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