Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For Posterity's Sake

Let me preface this by saying, I realize there are about a bazillion pictures on here. I'm only posting it b/c if I don't...I'll forget what the pictures are of!  ;)  And since my sister and brother in law are in Hawaii right now, I'm longing for the beach.  So I'm going to recap our last trip to a beach.  It was no Hawaii, but it was wonderful!  :)

Last year we went on vacation to Galveston in September.  It was so much fun...mostly b/c the kids had been talking about going to the beach for a LONG time!  We stayed in the nicest beach house and had a wonderful time!

I knew it was going to be a long drive w/ anxious kiddos so I decided to come up w/ something to make the time fly.  I decided to have a surprise for the kids every hour on the hour.  I wrapped each thing and let them open a new present every hour.  They loved this and it really did make the time go by quickly!  The gifts ranged from print offs of Travel Bingo and I spy to magna doodles (on sale for $5), play dough (i do not recommend this one, although it was the kids favorite!) and I got a movie for the last surprise b/c I wasn’t sure if we would actually get there in 5 1/2 hours or not.

Yay, we finally made it to the beach!!!  I’m not sure who was more excited.  The kids….or Billy!  ;)

  We dropped our stuff off at the beach house and headed to the beach.

We expected the kids to get wet.  They had fun.  We went back and got cleaned up and went out for seafood.  It was a nice meal and a great way to start the vacation.

The kids were ready to head to the beach.

Here’s our set up. It was really nice!  I highly recommend going to the beach the first week of school.  There aren’t big crowds and you can get all your beach stuff for 50-75 % off!!

Naturally sweet Charlotte was lulled to sleep by the ocean waves.  Remember, she slept for like the first 6 months of her life...vacation was no exception.

Hat buddies!

Surfer girl trying to catch a wave!

Reality check.  Boo.  Even on vacation....

Building the sand castle the kids have been talking about for years.

   Jack’s swim diaper had sand in it and was rubbing him so we took it off and he took off.  I loved this picture. After he got the sand rinsed off we put his swimsuit back on.  :)

That evening we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  The kids were so excited!

After dinner we went to play putt-putt.  It was right across from the beach and was absolutely beautiful!

It was rainy on day 3 so we decided to spend the morning at Moody Gardens.

I needed one of those cages to bring home w/ us!!!!!  Not for Billy.  For Jack.

We went back to the house for lunch and rest.  The sky cleared up and we headed to the pool.  The kids were just as excited about the pool as they were the beach!

Charley Kate was unimpressed w/ the pool, but was her usual agreeable self.  She humored us and let us play w/ her in the water, but as soon as we took her out and changed her clothes she fell asleep and let the rest of us play for awhile longer.

We headed into town to walk the strand.
The girls in their very touristy visors!  And the Chocolate factory bear.

We decided to take a horse and buggy ride.  The girls got to feed the horse.  Her name was Donna.  Suzannah wanted to call her Aunt Donna and tell her all about it!

I love that you can see Donna through the little window of the buggy!
It was amazing how great Galveston looked less that a year from the hurricane.

At lunch time Dad and Billy went Bay fishing.  They had a great time.  Billy hooked a big shark but it got away.  And Dad caught this big Ling/Cobia fish.  It was the biggest catch of the day. He was so excited about it!!!  :)

When the guys got back we met them at Fish Tales to have our last dinner on vacation be fresh sea food.

While the boys were on the boat they bought a bunch of shrimp.  Here they are cleaning it.  It was so yucky.  Jack was completely grossed out!

For our last day the girls wanted to head to the beach one last time.  Jack was determined to catch a crab. 

Our inside joke and the theme of the trip.

My precious beach bums.

Beach hair.

And then , the thing that made my vacation!!!  There is NOTHING that can touch a Hawaiian shave ice. This came incredible close to the real thing and made a trip to the beach a true trip to the beach!  :)

Then it was time to head back to reality.  We had such a wonderful time!  The kids talk about it all the time and ask when we're going to go back!  Soon hopefully.

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Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Yay! How fun! I just love the photo of the three kids holding hands walking down the beach... It makes me wish we hadn't skipped the beach this year (but we were afraid of tar balls!).

I also loved your hourly gift idea for the car ride! I just may have to use that on our trip to TX at the end of the year...


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