Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cause Dressin' Up Is Fun To Do

There was no theme this year.  Between school and catching up from the first trimester, I just didn't have the time to come up w/ anything.  So I let the kids pick for themselves.

Suzannah was SO excited to be a hippy!!!  She LOVED her costume!

Molly Beth was trying to decide between a ballerina and a princess.  Ballerina won b/c Laura had given her this beautiful dress for her birthday!

Jack actually wanted to be a dragon....but that would have required work.  My mom had this in her dress up bin so we glued a few of my dad's old patches on and called it good.  Billy did the great face painting.  Jack's reaction to himself was so funny.  He looked in the mirror and said, "Am I scary?"  He did not want to be scary....but he did scare himself.

And Charley Cake got the adorable little Razorback Cheerleader outfit that was Suzannah's when she was 1.

The kids were sick the weekend of our church's Fall Fest so we went to our friends Farm Fair the following weekend instead. The kids had a great time!

Charley Kate was so funny.  She didn't get down the whole time.  But she held her little pumpkin bag for dear life.  She was very entertained by all the things going on around her!

The kids played games.

Ate cotton candy.

Got their faces painted.

Held baby chicks.

Got to pet goats.

And even milked a cow!!

But the best part is always going through the loot!!!!

Oh, and as for the pumpkin.  Billy is such a sweet peace maker.  He decided that since it was so big he could do all of the faces on the same pumpkin.  It turned out really neat!!!


Jess said...

What a good idea Billy had to put all the faces on the pumpkin. The costumes all turned out great.
I say you recycle the hippie costume and the military man for next year and have yourself a little Forrest Gump and Jenny. Please tell Molly Beth she made the prettiest ballerina, I just love that dress.

Piano mom said...

We were at the same event, but did not see you there. Too bad. Miss Suz at lessons.


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