Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Before and After

Last spring when I was big pregnant w/ Charley Kate I stopped at a yard sale on our street.  We had been needing some end tables and had been on the look out but weren't able to find the kind we were looking for.  I had all the kids w/ me so I was just going to drive by and see what they had.  I spotted some wood furniture so I abandoned the littles at the curb to check it out.  I found two chunky country looking end tables!!!  I asked the guy how much and he said $25 each.  I swallowed hard, rubbed my ginormous belly and meekly said, "Would you take $25 for the pair?"  A BIG RISK....and a big deal for me!!!  To my surprise he said fine and even helped me  carry them to the car!  Of course they both wouldn't fit so I had to come back for the other one, but I thought it was a great deal!!  Here's what they looked like b/f.  What you can't see is all the gum that was stuck under the edges....lovely.


My amazing hubby sanded, painted and stained them to perfection!!!!!  They are exactly what we were looking for and we got them at a fraction of the price we anticipated paying!!!



Dixie said...

That ginormous belly really pays off sometimes, huh! :)

Tell Billy that he did a great job!

jennifer said...
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jennifer said...

That is awesome Stace! Billy did a great job and way to bargain with the belly!

I love them.

Laura said...

I knew you had some womanly wiles in you:) Love the side table!!

Jess said...

Billy did a fantastic job! Great job haggling price too.


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