Friday, October 22, 2010

Menu Planning Help

I love menu planning....well, when I'm not in the first trimester!  The way I have been doing it ever since we got married is I will pick a cook book or two and go through them looking for recipes for that week.  I would look for one dish of each of the following:

-soup, salad/fish (fish doesn't happen very often around here!)

Taking into account leftovers and any other dinner plans we might have that week I'd get it all written down and then make my grocery list.
Well, with so many amazing cooking blogs and sites I find most of our menu recipes on the Internet now.  But, what I'm wanting to share today are some great sites for actual menu plans.  You don't have to think, just print!  One you have to pay for (unless you use the archive menu plans), the other is free.  It's all right there for you, picture, recipe and shopping list!  Awesome and so great when your food imagination is gone and you just want someone to tell you what to cook.
The last link is a "Menu for Hard Times."  If you don't have picky eaters and your husband isn't of the mindset that he must have meat at every meal and money is kind of tight, this menu plan can be helpful.  I've never done the whole thing exactly the way she has it lined out, but I've used her ideas as a guide on weeks that I'm in a pinch for cash.  Her chicken and dumplings were the first I ever made...and I quite liked them!  :)
Know of any other great menu planning sites?!  Please share!

Eat At Home Cooks
Menus 4 Moms
Meals for hard times

Hope these help as you plan next weeks menu!  :)


Audra Caldwell said...

You can always go to and link to others sites to copy their menu for that week, but it wont have all the groceries with it...

Jess said...

I will have to check these sites out. I sometimes feel like we have the same 15 meals in rotation.

Mamalion Kara said...
This is a new one I found! I am always looking for new recipes for my cooking group. We do repeat some each quarter, but only 3 or 4 out of 24 total recipes! I have to keep up and keep them fun! Thanks for sharing. Another cook is coming!


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