Friday, September 17, 2010

Why "My Husband Rocks Friday"

It has been forEVER since I did a MHRF post!!!  I think I need to get back into it....once the blogging motivation kicks in!  I'm workin' on it!

Anyway, b/f I write about one of the many reasons my husband rocks, I thought I'd share why I do these posts.  I'm sure many people think they're cheesy and for some it's just plain annoying...and I can see why they might feel that way.  But let me tell you the motive behind it.  It's not to make my husband look like he's perfect and that we live in a fairytale and to make everyone else feel like they don't measure up or stir up any negative feelings WHAT SO EVER!!!  I know how contagious complaining is!  And I've seen how incredibly contagious complaining about our husbands can be!  However, I've also witnessed how contagious encouragement is.  And that's why I love MHRF.  ALL of our husbands have good qualities....ALL OF THEM.  This isn't about comparing our men!  It's about finding wonderful things that we are thankful for them for and sharing it.  And's not totally for "y'all"'s mostly for him.  It's builds him up to read about the things that I admire about him.  And the fact that I'm telling the whole world just makes it feel that much better.  Sure it's a little embarrassing for him at times, but so is being thrown a surprise party, or anything where someone is professing love for you in front of others....but boy does it feel good!  I think it's VERY important to let our husbands know the little things we admire about them.  And I think it's good to tell others how we feel about our husbands as well.  Again, this is not an attempt to make everything look fake and perfect, but and attempt to see and FOCUS ON the good.  After all, we all know there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, perfect family, perfect mom, etc!

So, now that you understand the WHY from my heart, here's the WHAT for this week.  :)

He has a wide array of interests.
I love that Billy has interest in so many different things.  He's not just a sports guy, or a computer guy, or a hunting guy.  He likes so many things and finds so many things interesting!  He's interested in natural living.  Growing our own food and how to make the most basic things, like butter.  He's interested in animals....animals that provide for us in particular.  He reads up.  He likes to learn.  You know we have chickens.  He did all the research.  Recently he became interested in a smaller breed of chickens called Bantam chickens.  He looked up a local seller and we went out to see what they had.  We came home w/ 4 Cochin's and 2 Old English chickens.  They are so cute.  The Cochin's are small, but the Old English are tiny!  The female is the size of a big dove!  Yikes!
The rooster is beautiful and does a good job protecting his female. It's a good thing too, b/c all those big chickens want to eat her for lunch!!!

A normal egg on the left and her egg on the right.  CUTE!  The Cochin's are still too young to lay, but their eggs will be small and sweet too. :)

I just think it's fun that Billy thought of getting them.  I love that he is adventurous and likes to learn about lots of things!  I think he totally rocks!!!

I hope you will be encouraged to share what you admire or are thankful for in your husband.  Maybe you don't feel comfortable posting about it, but at least tell him!!!  :)  Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

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Audra Caldwell said...

Just this morning I was looking at my calendar thinking, "I should do a MHRF post." Well unfortunatley I didn't, but I'm so glad you did. How blessed you both are! Great Post and enjoy those chickens. Are they just for eggs, pets, or will they too be dinner one day? Just curious.


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