Monday, September 27, 2010

Marvelous Recipe Monday

Remember that tin foil recipe I told you I was going to try?  Well, it was WONDERFUL!!!  I am going to make this for my parents the next time they come over and we will definitely make it when we go camping.  The kids even ate it all up!  It's from a really fun blog.

I didn't put the mushrooms in.  I added them to the gravy and it made it amazing!!!  I also forgot the butter, but didn't have too much trouble w/ sticking. 

In this fun camping weather I hope you'll give it a try.  And actually you don't have to wait till you're camping.  We just fixed it at home for dinner.  And clean up is the best!!!  Just wad up the toil and toss!  Oh, and I do individual packets so I could cater to each persons preferences.  ENJOY!  :)


Shyla said...

Thanks for sharing! We've got camping on the brain for sure so we'll have to try these.. Yum!!

The Nortons said...

I love "HOBO" meals-my dad used to make these all the time for us when we would go camping! He would bury them and put the coals on top! They look delicious!

Laura said...

We called them "Shiny Surprises" when we were kids! We made them in the fireplace! Can't wait to take this camping ;)

sallie said...

I love these dinners. I usually make mine with tilapia, onions, potatoes, carrots, thyme lemon and olive oil. So yummy!


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