Friday, July 9, 2010

♥ Happy Birthday Sweet Charlotte ♥

It completely blows my mind that it was a year ago today that our precious Charley Kate came into this world.  This has been the fastest year of my life and it breaks my heart that it's already over.  Charley Kate has been an absolute dream!  We couldn't have imagined a more wonderful baby.  She fulfills us and adds to this family in ways we never new were needed.  She is truly our ray of sunshine!  She is overflowing with joy all the time.  She has an amazingly advanced sense of humor.  She is so very smart!  I look at her in awe every day at some point.  She is so wonderful!  An absolute delight!  A true blessing!  A treasure!  :)

Sweet, sweet Charlotte,
You are a marvel.  We can't get over how smart you are, how aware you are and how funny you are.  You make everyone you come into contact with feel good...and that's how you've been since the day you were born.  You started smiling b/f I knew it was possible for babies to smile.  And my how you shared them!  You are a charmer!  You have the ability to wrap everyone around your petite little finger....and they love every minute of it.  You, like your biggest sister, are small but mighty.  Wonderful things come in small packages and you, precious daughter, are proof of that.  You radiate joy!  We couldn't be more thankful for you.  We love watching you grow and learn.  We love seeing your sweet personality forming.  We look forward to teaching you about Jesus and many, many other things.  It's a wonderful world.  It holds so much beauty and we can't wait to watch you discover all our Father has in store for you.  We pray that you will always be full of joy and that the source of your joy will be the love of your Savior.  We pray that you will always bring joy to others as well.  It is a gift that doesn't come naturally to everyone, but it does to you.  Use it to bless.  And we pray that you will always have a desire to learn.  Not for pride, but for the sake of understanding so that you can use your knowledge to bless others.  
I can't end this letter without addressing your hair.  Chances are, at some point you will hate those bright tresses, but you must know how thrilled we all are about them!  It was the "cherry" on top of this undeserved blessing!  We are so incredibly thankful for you!!!!  You are beautiful and we love you very much!!
Love Always and Always,
Mommy (and Daddy)


Life with the Akin Clan said...

That sweet baby is not one! No way!! Wow! It has gone fast and she is not even mine. She is a beautiful baby. I pray she may continue to grow in beauty inside and out, beaming with the love of our Lord.

You and Billy are doing a great job at raising wonderful Godly children. It's a blessing to watch.

Dixie said...

Sweet little angel.

Thanks for the visit the other day. So glad we're friends :)

Jill said...

I love how you shower your children with love & write to them on their birthdays. What an awesome tradition. Charley sounds like a dream - how blessed you all are! It was wonderful to "talk" the other day. Oh how I wish we lived near each other! Happy birthday sweet baby!

YaYa and Pops said...

She is the sweetest Baby Girl I know!!


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