Monday, July 5, 2010

First Piggy Tails

Oh, my hilarious cuteness!!!!  I put Charley Kate's hair in pig tails for the first time.  HAHAHAHA!  I just kept laughing!  Is that precious or what!?  She has the most stick straight hair I've ever seen!  It literally just stuck straight out of her head!  Suzannah said she looked like a little Chinese baby. 

She has almost nothing on the top.

I'm having a flashback.  I declare.  Boys get the great eyelashes and the great hair!  ;)

"Are we done yet, Mom?"

I wasn't the only one that couldn't keep from laughing at how cute she looked.  The big kids thought it was adorably hilarious and couldn't get enough of her!!!

I'm read for bows!!!!  Grow hair.  GROW!!! Hahahahaha!  :D  My adorable little red headed beauty!


Grams said...

She's so precious -- just like the the rest of your bunch:)

Beckycita Peurifoy said...

sweet charlie kate i hope Caleb is lucky enough to find her when they are older (-:

Laura said...

I love red headed piggie tails!!

Dixie said...

Sweet! We take what we can get. Have you painted her nails yet?

all4memories said...

How cute!!!

TexasNeals said...

becky- sounds good. we're all about prearranged marriages! ;)

dixie- no. i ALMOST painted them for the 4th, but chickened out! ha!

laura- me too!!

grams and all4memories- thanks! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, she is so cute! And growing up so fast!

jackie said...

Stace, I had to write comments again after I signed up for the email account. You have such a beautiful family. I have enjoyed reading the blog and seeing the pictures. Charlie Kate is such a cutie pie! The other kids are great. I love SusieQ's video. I shared it on my facebook so others can donate to JD! Love you, Jackie Lane

TexasNeals said...

oh, miss jackie! it's so good to hear from you! thank you for your sweet compliments and for posting suzannahs video to help raise money. love you too!! :)


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