Sunday, July 11, 2010

Basketball Camp

Two weeks ago was Upwards basketball camp.  Suzannah absolutely LOVED basketball this year.  She has decided that this is her sport.  She really liked softball but said there wasn't "enough action."  This is a picture of the first day of camp.  Thanks Laura for the outfit!  It was perfect!!! 

Calling roll and taking care of business.

Dribbling.  Suz is great at dribbling.  She could dribble before she was two years old!!!  She is gifted w/ athletic abilities for sure!!!

Not looking!

Here is her sweet friend Faith.

Dribbling 2 balls at once!

Last day of camp.

She had a ball and is counting down the days till basketball season!!! :)


jaymie said...

thats MY GIRL SUZ!!! I'm a bball girl myself!!! :)

Grams said...

Go Suz! Can't wait to get to watch you play:))


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