Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Suzannah's Pirate Party!

Catch up time.  I left off with Suzannah's birthday post.  Here's her party!

 It was SO much fun planning Suzannah's party.  There are a plethora of fun pirate party ideas on the web and I had to limit myself!!  :)

Billy made Captain Bones.  We used him to help welcome the party guests.  I also took a picture of Suzannah with Captain Bones and each guest as they arrived to use in their thank you notes.

Here are all the kiddos.  I mentioned in Molly Beth's birthday party post that we have a rule about inviting the number of guests as the age you are turning.  That meant Suz got to pick 8....I repeat EIGHT kiddos.  This is a big party for us!  And for the first time it was very difficult to narrow the number of friends.  :(  And then 2 ended up not being able to come.  But the ones that were able to make it were a pleasure.  Several even came dressed up already!!!  We decked our little mateys w/ black bandannas and red sashes.  It just made the party that much more fun.  And they were all such good sports!

We played several games.  The first was walk the plank.  We took everyone out and put them through a series of challenging ways to walk the plank.  Molly Beth gave it a shot.

And the girl just love the stew out of sweet Jack!

After the pirates walked the plank we came back inside to play cannon ball pop.  I hid a slip of paper into 3 balloons.  On each was a pirate phrase.  If they found a paper and could tell me what the phrase meant, they won a prize.  They had a "BALL" with this one!  It was loud and crazy!!!

Finally it was time for snack and cake.  Suzannah chose an ice cream cake and we served fruit, telescopes (aka Bugles) and punch.

Then the best part.  Present time.  So many thoughtful gifts.  So many sweet friends.

Then it was time to give back, but they had to work for it.  We had a scavenger hunt for the "buried treasure" of party favors.  Billy was absolutely amazing in coming up with these clues!!!  I told him that I'd like for them to cover a lot of ground and rhyme if possible.  Oh, man.  He is a creative genius.  I'd list the clues if I was at home, but our computer is in the shop...don't ask.

The treasure chest ended up sitting at Captain Bones feet.  They loved the treasure hunt and the booty at the end of it!  I think everyone had a great time....especially the birthday girl!


all4memories said...

Looks like alot of fun!! Bless your heart about your computer. You've had a time!

Jill said...

SOOOO cute - love the theme & it looks like Suzannah had a blast. Super glad you're back, girl! Missed you :)

Bethany said...

Love the post...what a creative mama You are! Please be praying for Eva-Camille (her story/updates are on my may have to go back to older posts to get the scoop). Thanks so much!

Amy Porter said...

What a cute idea!! Man, you need to be a party coordinator...looks like an awesome party! I can't believe she is 8!! Great post! I loved all those pictures!

Jaime said...

Looks like a blast! I'm going to take your balloon idea and adjust it for the boys' Super Mario Bros. birthday coming up. Yay! Fun, fun!

Dixie said...

Just in case I haven't told you how awesome you are lately,

You're Awesome!

Cheri said...

Wish I was there, that party looks like so much fun and what crazy and fun games you guys thought of.

love to all,
Aunt Cheri


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