Monday, June 7, 2010

More Gifts

Audra, thank you so much for this!!!  You have no idea what a difference it has made!!
110.  When he gets to sleep in.
113.  High-Low game at dinner
114.  His highs
115.  Playing house with Molly Beth
121.  The way his feet find mine under the covers through the maze of little legs.
123.  Baby stretches
124.  Thoughtful friends that give encouragement with a stamp on it.
131.  Parents generosity....with many things.
133.  Hope
134.  Homeschooling
136.  A clean car
139.  Weekends
140.  Baby toes!!
144.  Sweet toddling steps
146.  A seeking father
147.  Happy children
148.  Healthy children
150.  Sprinklers
151.  The way Jack asks for kisses for reassurance when he's disobeyed.
155.  When she shows her tender heart.


jennifer said...

I definitely need me some of those pics to the left. The kind I can put in my house :)

Laura said...

I love that your blogging again!! I always feel encouraged when I read what you write!

I need to call you... how are the chickens :)

YaYa and Pops said...

Your list of "gifts" is so sweet. Makes me want to compose a list to check back on and remind me on my down days! You would be at the top of my list! :-)


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