Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack-Jack!!

Sniff, sniff.  Yes, there are 3 candles on that fruity pebble treat.  My baby boy decided that, despite my begging and pleading, he wanted to be a K.I.D.  We didn't have his "party" until the following weekend so we sang happy birthday over fruity pebble treats on April 16th.

When the day of the party came he helped me make his real cake.  And the birthday kid always gets to lick the spoon!!!

Then it was time for the party!!!  It couldn't be anything but DIEGO!!!  He can't get enough!  Ironically enough, that was the theme for Molly Beth's 3rd birthday!

He is my favorite boy in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!

Here's his top 10 (in no particular order):
1. Watching Diego at Ya-Ya and Pops house
2.  Playing with his Geo Tracks trains
3.  Playing with his sisters!
4.  Vacuuming
5.  Kissing on Charley Kate
6.  Sweets
7.  His Sketchers
8.  Gathering eggs
9.  Swinging
10.  Being read to (especially by Daddy)

My sweet boy,
Jack you make my heart so happy that sometimes I feel like it will explode!  You are such a sweet, tenderhearted little boy.  I love that you want to be superman because superman protects girls.  You truly are chivalrous and a boy of honor.  I love that you are so affectionate.  You give hugs and kisses freely and especially lavish them on anyone hurting.  You want so badly to be brave and I know that it is hard for you being afraid of the rooster, but in time you will be courageous and full of faith.  I can't get enough of the way you scrunch your nose when you smile at me.  I am SO thankful that God blessed me with a are so very wonderful!  I pray that your heart will stay soft.  That you will always desire to take care of others.  And that your relationship with God will grow stronger and stronger....just like your big muscles.  You are a wonderful boy and we couldn't be happier to be your parents!!!!

Love Always,


Life with the Akin Clan said...

You have the most beautiful family!

Happy 3rd Jack-Jack!!

TexasNeals said...

Thanks Aimee!!! You have a beautiful family as well!!!!!

all4memories said...

What an incredibly sweet boy you have. I bet he takes after his mommy!! :)

jennifer said...

He looks so much like Billy in that pic where he is holding out that spatula :) Miss you guys!


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