Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Book Review

I put a shelf on my blog!  I'm attempting to make a little extra money "selling books" but honestly, I'm not sure I did it right!  HA!  Even if it doesn't work I thought it would be fun and possibly helpful to share some of the books that I've read and how they've impacted me. I think that if you click on a book and go to the amazon link on the left to purchase it I will make money off of it?  So if you do end up being interested in one of the books I'd love it if you'd purchase it that way.  ;)

The first book I wanted to talk about is one that I'm reading again.  I've read it before.  It's absolutely wonderful!  Talk about inspiration!!!!  It is called Educating the Wholehearted Child and it's "A Handbook For Christian Home Education."  If you are a veteran homeschooler or just starting out I really think you would benefit from having this book.  I've highlighted and post- it noted the heck out of it!!!  ;) It's broken up into several parts. Here are the chapter titles:
1.  Home Education...A Step of Faith Toward Home
2.  Discipleship...Shaping Your Child's Heart
3.  Education...Strengthening Your Child's Mind
4.  Teaching Models...Learning At Home, Naturally
5.  Teaching Methods...Instructing Your Child
6.  Learning Styles...Understanding Your Child
7.  Home Management...Getting It Together
8.  Lifestyle...Making it Work
9.  Support...Keeping it Going

Most home school moms would tell you that it's the hardest thing they've ever done....or tried to do.  You are it!  Everything falls on you.  The pressure is immense and the time for rejuvenation takes much effort to find.  Is it worth it?  You bet!!!  But the looming feeling of inadequacy is always present.  This book has the potential to take that feeling away!!!  Seriously, the wisdom in these pages is phenomenal!  It covers it all and it has great printables in the back that cover a lot of different needs.  I couldn't even begin to give a review that would do it justice.  I really think this is a wonderful book.

I was reading A Holy Experience this morning and was gently slapped by her post.  :)  She asks if  "our own lack of faithful stewardship results in malnourished gifts" in our children?  Are we being diligent in this vocation of motherhood?  I must say that for the past 9 months lately I have NOT.  In the last part of chapter 2 in this book it talks about the verses in Matthew where Jesus pictures God as a good father.  "If asking for fish, the child knows he will receive a fish, not a snake.  If asking for bread, the child knows he will receive bread, not a stone.  Your children are asking you to give them a taste of real spiritual life.  They want to learn from you how to live for Christ.  Your passivity is the same as a snake or a stone to your child.  You must decide what you will give them, and then determine to provide it.  And like the five loaves and fishes offered in simple faith by a child, God will take what you have and multiply it to spiritually feed your family and many others through you."

We know we've been blessed with unmatched gifts in our children!  Yet, because we live on this earth we become distracted from the real goal, all too often getting our priorities out of line.  This book pulls it all back in.  Family, faithfulness it's really so great.  I would LOVE for you to get it and read it.  If you do, please let me know, and let me know what you think of the book.  Even if you hate it I'd love to hear your opinion!


Natalie Ensor said...

Hey Stacey-It's Natalie Jenn & Matty's sis-in-law. Any recommendations for a book on raising your toddler in the ways of the Lord. She is about 15 months now and can see this is where discipline and discipleship are really coming into effect.So any suggestions would be great! I will order through you.

all4memories said...

Sounds like a great book! I may have to give it a read!


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