Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Bumpa

In February of 1996 my Gramma passed over.  I use the term "passed over" eventhough it sounds fruity b/c we never really die.  I believe our spirit mearly passes over to the other side of Heaven.  ANYWAY, she had been diagnosed w/ lung cancer (not a smoker) and moved from Washington to Hawaii to spend her final months living w/ my parents in Hawaii (probably the best place to leave from if you ask me!!).  She was one strong woman.  She was a small woman and birthed four very large babies!  She loved God and her family very much.  She was a hard worker and lots of fun and I love her.  She was cremated and her urn sat in the closet at my Bumpa's house until today.  Everett Guy Vance passed over in December, (if Suz had been a boy she would have been Charles Everett) he was 94.  Today his body is being burried with his beloved's cremains in his casket.  My Bumpa was the kindest and gentlest man I've ever known.  He was wise and sensitive and a hard worker as well.  My Dad and Mom, her three brothers and their families and numerous other family and friends are gathered in WA to celebrate his life today.  I love him and wish so badly that I could be there. I would love to hear the stories people will share and visit w/ family I rarely get see.  I would love to take my kids through the apple orchrd and out to the old chicken coop. I'd tell them the story about the dog Gramma hit w/ a frying pan to save the chickens. I'd like to take them across the street to where Ryan and I would put pennies on the train track.  I would love to them to smell the strong cedar as you walk up to their porch and share stories about watching Bumpa working outside and setting the sprinklers.  To show them the shelves in the basement that used to be full of jars of apple pie filling, peach pie filling, pears and all sorts of other yummy goodness that Gramma put up.  I'd love to walk them through Gramma's rose garden and tell them that her middle name was Rose and Charley Kate shares her birthday.  I'd love to show them their chairs (it was very much like the scene from Up) and laugh as I told them about how every evening Bumpa would watch TV w/ a toothpick in his mouth.  Gramma would wait till he fell asleep watching the couples line dance and she'd sneak the tooth pick from his mouth.  I'd show them all the breakables I was never allowed to touch and how Gramma was so strict.  Then I'd point out how each of the beautiful figurines (various ceramic "homes" and the animal that lived in them) had all been broken and glued back together b/c Bumpa (the softy) let our youngest cousin play w/ them after Gramma died.  They would have gotten such a kick out of their TV.  It's huge and it sits on the floor and pretty much the only channels they get are the Nashville Country music station and the History Channel.  I have so many wonderful memories of that place.  We used to go on long walks up the mountain to pick the most beautiful wild flowers and I remember always being so afraid of snakes.  I loved dinner time and listening to them talk...especially when my uncles were there.  They are each so different and had such different dynamics w/ my Gramma and Bumpa.  It was a special place and I'm thankful for the memories.  I'm thankful to have had such wonderful grandparents (on both sides!).  I'm thankful my kids have such wonderful grandparents (on both sides) and I hope Billy and I will be wonderful grandparents.  I'm thankful for the example he was to me and the things I've learned from him...and that he was mine.


The Clevelands said...

Thanks for sharing - sounds like he was a wonderful man!

Life with the Akin Clan said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for telling us about your Bumpa. I am sure he is having a fine time with your Gramma in Heaven!! What a great reunion! I pray that you will have the chance to one day show your children that part of their heritage.

Btw, I love the picture from your wedding. How very special!!

laura said...

What a precious man he must have been... i've had a missing home day anyway, and this touched my heart, and my eyes, that are now full and running over :) so thankful you had a such a sweet man in your life!

The Cornett's said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful memories of your grandparents.

all4memories said...

Oh, how sweet!!! My grandparents were always my FAVORITE people, especially my Grandpa Hart! Thank you for sharng such wonderful memories!!


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