Thursday, February 11, 2010

If You Give Your Kids Hot Cocoa

If you give your kids hot cocoa...

They'll look at the marshmellows and it will remind them of snow.

They'll want to go out and play in the snow.
So you'll have to get all their hats and coats and gloves on.

While they're outside they'll smile very big.

And that will make you smile very big.  So you'll take a picture

They'll comment on the snowflakes in your hair and you'll talk about the little pieces of heaven falling all around you and it will make them think of angels.

So they'll make some in the snow.

Then they'll remember that they are not angels and they'll pummel you w/ snowballs.

When you say "no more" they'll say "oh man" and that will remind then that they wanted to make a snowman.

Unfortunately their snowman will look more like a pile of ice cream...or mashed potatoes and they'll want to taste it.

Eventually they'll realize that they are soaked and freezing and want to go in.

They'll want you to dry and warm their clothes so they can go out again later.

While their clothes are getting warm they will want to get warm.

So they'll ask for some hot cocoa.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful, peaceful snow!  And cocoa.  Here's a fabulous recipe!


Laura said...

Isn't this so much fun!! Too bad my boys are too sick to play for very long!!

Love the "If You Give A..." shout out!

jaymie said...

you win the best post award! LOVED IT! Maybe cause I'm a children's book junkie or maybe because you're kids are TOO CUTE!Seriously. I didn't realize Suz was a lefty...if she is in sports too I'm jealous. Thats tough to beat.

Piano mom said...

Very cute. We did not spend much time outside b/c Taylor is having asthma problems. So sad :-(. She did get to make a snowman with the neighbor kids. yeah!

all4memories said...

Loved your post and your pics! I'm praying we get some snow before winter is over! :)

Grams said...

Love the pictures. Look like y'all are enjoying the snow. Everybody sure is growing. Miss you guys.

jennifer said...

You are beautiful.

YaYa and Pops said...

You have the best ideas for posts!!! So glad the kids are well enough to go outside. You're such a good mommy to let them get wet and dirty!!! MOMMY OF THE YEAR!!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

So great! You need to have this post printed and bound into a book. Loved it.

Rusty and Ann said...

Oh, that was so cute!!!


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