Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

{ I ♥ U }
Our Valentine's Day was very nice.  I am blessed to have the sweetest Valentine in the world and we had fun making the day special for our little valentines.

Here are the little pouches I made to hold kids cards and little special valentines.  I was satisfied w/ how they turned out.  I really wanted to do something simple. I meant to take a picture of them empty b/c they looked cuter. 

Charley Kate on her first Valentine's Day.  She is such a sweetie!!!!!

These are little outfits I made for the girls.  Ug.  How do people find the time to sew for their kids?  A lot went by the wayside to make these!!!  Special thanks to my Mom for all her help!  She's a great seamstress and sewing teacher!!  It was fun and frusterating but I'm glad they're done!!!  :)

Our precious little valentines.

Hope everyone had a special Valentines Day!!!


Grams said...

Love the outfits -- they are so cute. More snow on the ground today but not real deep. Have a nice week.


jennifer said...

Great job on everything! I love Charley Kate's socks ;)

YaYa and Pops said...

Great work crafty Mommy!!! Charley Kate's smile kills me!

jennifer said...

Rugs are from Target. They are on the row with girl bedding :) We miss you guys too!

Grams said...

Came across this blog -- thought you might enjoy it.



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