Friday, January 8, 2010

Mmm, Tastes Like Chicken

Sweet baby chicks! We ordered 26 baby chicks several months ago. All different "breeds"? Anyway, the majority of them will be laying chickens for eggs, but Billy wanted to get a few roasters for....roasting. See the sweet little yellow ones? Tomorrow is gonna be a rough day for them.

We've enjoyed them all so far. We kept them in the house for the first week then moved them to the garage where they lived for a couple of months. We were blessed w/ a shed from Billy's boss and Billy has done a great job turning the inside into a coop.

Come on in and check it out. Watch your step. ;)

These are the roosting rods w/ an area underneath to catch droppings.
You can also see the hanging feeders.

On the other side is the nesting boxes. He has them blocked for now w/ the heat lamps b/c they aren't ready to lay yet.

This is the chickens first introduction to the coop.

The kids love them. They aren't the least bit afraid of them!

Here's the whole "gaggle?"
The white ones are the roasters. See how big they are? They are the same age as those littlest ones! This picture was taken awhile ago. Now. They. Are. HUGE! It's disturbing really! They are bread to grow quickly...and tomorrow is the day they will go to chicken heaven. If we let them live much longer they won't be able to, seriously!
Not sure if I'll take any pictures of their big day, but I'll post about how it goes. I will not be assisting my dear husband for this!!! Just in case you were wondering! :)

So, farewell chickens. Hope you're yummy! ;)


Grams said...

At least you didn't give them names ... did you??


Marie said...

How fun! I told Matt that the next time we move, that I want a garden and chickens. He agreed that we needed more land and if we got it then we would do just that. So hopefully in a few years, we can swap "Chicken Day" stories :) Hope all goes well and they taste good!

The Clevelands said...

Molly B looks so dainty in her dress holding a chicken!!

April said...

How cool is that?! We had chickens on our farm as I grew up. I loved gathering their eggs, feeding them, and watering them. I hope you all enjoy those chickens! The picture of Molly Beth in a dress in the chicken coop cracked me up!

Rebekah said...

Y'all really know how to have a good time!!! Of course Molly Beth was in her pretty church dress holding a chicken. And then I loved Suzannah wearing the Santa just made sense. Oh, how I would love to see what the other kids were wearing!
I hope your chicken "experience" goes well. I think I like the fact that I'm not totally sure what all is going to happen to those chicks. :)

J. Mo said...

Looks like those white ones are really growing.. Tell Billy if he needs any information on this to call Brian Ballard. He told me that plant he is has over 4 million birds laying.(eggland eggs) keep us up on the progress...
Love you guys,
Johnny and Carol

Dixie said...

It looks like Molly B tends her chickens in style!


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