Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my's foggy, but not dark. I'm so enjoying the light mornings!
I am thinking...about how blessed I am.
I am thankful for...happy faces w/ sleep still in their eyes.
From the learning room...we are just really struggling. I've had to stop doing our circle time, which I love and hope to share more about later, just to get the main subjects done. For some reason Suzannah is really resisting me and very unmotivated! I know she wants to do all the fun crafty stuff that Molly Beth is doing and gets upset that she doesn't get much art time. I'm really racking my brain to come up w/ some way to get her motivated to get her work done...B/F bedtime!!!!
From the, it's been a big baking week and I'm burnt out. I've been trying out a bunch of new recipes for dinner though and that has been fun.
I am wearing...jeans, long sleeved tee shirt, sweater and fuzzy socks.
I am creating...hmmmm, I've just been too busy to make anything. I barely have time to work on Billy's blanket! I'm hoping to make some shirts for the kids to wear for Thanksgiving, but we'll see!
I am reading...again, not must time lately. A chapter here and there of The Strong Willed Child lately when I get a chance.
I am go to bed feeling like I've made the most of my day in all the important areas.
I am hearing...the hum of the heater, Molly Beth's giggles and singing to herself as she works some puzzles, and Dragon Tails.
I am praying...
to really be aware of joy. To feel it and to SHOW it. I think I get so focused on doing things around the house and getting school done and this and that and the other, that I forget to be joyful and share my joy w/ the kids.
Around my house...Things are so nice. Yesterday while I was at ELO my Mom came over to the house and picked up and did laundry and dishes! Am I blessed or what! It was so wonderful to walk into a clean house. Ahhhhh, I can make it through the rest of my week! :)
One of my favorite things...When we tell Jack "I love you" he always used to say, "Yes!" So Mom started working w/ him b/c she wanted him to say "I love you too." Well, she did a great job and he has started saying "I love you too." My favorite thing about it, though, is that that's not just how he responds. Out of the blue he'll come up to me and say, "I love you too, Momma!" in his sweet sing-songy voice. I just love it!
A few plans for the rest of the week...I'm going to call and see if I can get a hair appointment for this weekend. I'm wanting something different w/ my hair. Maybe bangs? Scary. Then, this weekend Billy and I get to go on a date! Yay. Saturday morning Billy will be helping move their stuff into the new shop. It is SO nice! He's so excited! They should be all moved in and operating from there a week from Monday!
A picture thought to share w/ you...
This is a picture I took of Charley Kate forever ago for a cloth diapering calendar. It's been a long time since I've cloth diapered. We went into survival mode and extra laundry just was more than I could handle (sad). Anyway, I need to bleach everything and since we have an aerobic system I can't do it here. I'll have to take them all to my Mom's and do it there. Then, maybe, I'll be able to have my act together enough to get back into it!
Hope everyone is having a great week. The weather here has been just beautiful!!!!!!!


Grams said...

I always enjoy your daybook posts. A really sweet picture of Charley Kate too.

Are their any privileges that Suz could earn by finishing work in a specified time frame? That might help motivate. Just a thought.

love to all

Spiess-cadets said...

if you want let me know what you are working on in math(can't help with english or history and you wouldn't want my help in those subjects anyway =) ) and i might have some crafty things that Suz could do. That way she still got to do some of the crafty things but still learned as well. i had to bend over backwards to get my 8th graders to get excited about learning and the crafty stuff worked every time.

Jenny said...

in that second picture of her she looks exactly like you - that a sweet smile!


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