Monday, November 2, 2009

Scrabble Tiles: October

This is a post that was supposed to be published last month.

Every morning I wake up w/ a fresh vision and rewritten order of priorities. I'm convinced to "keep the main thing the main thing" and to "not sweat the small stuff." But by lunch my priorities have gotten totally rearranged and by bed time I've deemed myself a failure. It's not really that sad every night, but I certainly have those days. Awhile back I saw something on the Internet that I adapted to fit what I needed. It was a scrabble letter holder and a message. The message can say anything (obviously) but I use mine to hold a message that I want to meditate on throughout the month. I keep in on the shelf above my sink and change it out as I need. This month as I put out the fall decorations it seemed very appropriate to put the tiles on that spelled out: A SEASON
I tend to get so wrapped up and bogged down in the current challenges. I so easily lose sight of the big picture. I forget that this is a season. These current struggles will only last for awhile (then we'll move on to something else! :). For example, bed time struggles. Is is a fearful child? A child that won't go to sleep at bedtime? A bed wetter? A child that seems will never sleep through the night? A baby waking for hourly feedings? And the list goes on. You get so tired which makes everything feel bigger and worse. But how encouraging to remember that this is only a season. It will pass. There is a silver lining. A time when faith will triumph over fear. Bedtime will no longer be a problem. Dry sheets. Sleeping all night. Spring, summer, winter and fall all bring big changes. Some we look forward to, some we dread. But we know that it will pass. It's why we can endure the horrible east Texas heat and humidity. We know that soon fall will come bringing w/ it crisp mornings. It's why we can endure the bitter cold of winter because spring is just around the corner w/ it's warm sun and green buds. Each season has it's pros and it's cons.
Having these tiles above my sink helps me to remember that so many of the things I'm overwhelmed w/ today will be a distant memory in a few months. Nothing lasts forever...even the good things. So while the tiles remind me that the trials of the day will pass they also remind me to soak in the beautiful things about this season because they too will change.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven" Eccl. 3:1


Cheri said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Stacy, you have a lot on your plate with four little ones (Sorry Suz your not so little) and home schooling. I am amazed that you even have the time to blog.

Love to all,
Aunt Cheri

YaYa and Pops said...

Wow, what a great post. I am inspired to have my own Scrabble phrase Reminder.

laura said...

Stacy... you are so right, and I am so with you! Gary is constantly reminding me not to get short sighted in this walk as a mommy. I struggle so with remembering that this too shall pass and feel like... will this ever end? :) Thanks for sharing and reminding me that I'm not alone in this!

Dixie said...

I've always told my kids,"Nothing lasts forever, except for in heaven." and "Nothing is perfect, except for the Lord." It helps me train them (and me) to keep my eyes fixed on perfection that lasts, instead of striving for something that can't exist in our fallen world.


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