Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our School Room

This is a really random post b/c it's November, but I always love seeing other peoples school space so I decided to share ours. And it took me till early October to get everything sorted and weeded out!

Here's where we do school. The kitchen table! Our kitchen is absolutely perfect for homeschooling! I have plenty of wall space for all of our circle time things. We do calendar, weather, counting by one's, two's, five's and ten's, states and capitals, sign language, fruits of the spirit, character traits, Bible and seasonal things. I also have a small filing cabinet w/ school things in it and all of our daily books on top.
At first I thought it would drive me crazy having our school stuff right in the middle of where I am most of the day, but I've come to grips that this is a big part of our life and it's just a season. Some day I will have pictures and plates hanging on my kitchen walls and long for these days of broken glue sticks and chewed pencil erasers!

The other thing about this kitchen that makes it so perfect for home school is these big shelves on either side of our kitchen window (oh, and the big window seat that I keep stuff in too!). My handy husband covered the bottom shelves w/ doors so that I could stash all our school things in there and I love it! On this side of the room I keep the kids memory verse sticker charts and Molly Beth's colors and numbers.

Here's what's inside:
Work books, reading books, work sheets, a craft basket, a marker and glue caddy, flash cards, a file folder w/ seasonal worksheets, each kid's pencil box, a tape player and tapes and much much more!

Here's the other side. I keep mostly Jack's stuff and supplemental activity stuff in it.

Puzzles, coloring books, blocks, legos, lacing cards, base ten blocks, wedgits, beading kits, Jack's bins, etc...oh, and I can't forget my educational place mats! Love those!

The best thing about having the school space in the kitchen is that in between the times that they need me I can be working. I think it's just perfect for us!

I know everyone is ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I know I am. But I wanted to give a little update. Suz is doing much better w/ her work. It must have been a phase? I still haven't been able to get circle time done in awhile, but at least she's getting her major subjects done b/f bedtime! :) I'm sure that we'll get circle time back in the schedule b/f long! We all miss it!

PS- Amanda, thanks for your sweet offer! I know how much you love Suz! :)
Marie, I miss you! Send me your e-mail!


Marie said...

I LOVE your school room! I have been researching curiculum for the possibility of starting to homeschool next year. Did you use the Sonlight curriculum? looking at your photos inspired me to see what we could do next year and all the possibilities! :)

TexasNeals said...

Marie, I did Sonlight half of the year, last year. This year I'm only using their readers. I love all the great books that they incorporate into their curriculum, but right now I just don't have enough time to read to the kids as much as is required w/ their stuff! There are so many great curriculums out there! I'll be anxious to see what you decide. I would definetely recommend their readers regardless of the other curriculum you choose! Your kids will love them!
How are you feeling? I miss your blog!

Neals in Nashville said...

Less than one week!

Marie said...

I am feeling pretty good. I am hitting that tired stage again, and not sleeping too well. But I am certainly excited that there is only about 2 months left (which is also very crazy!!). This boy is throwing me for a loop- he is all up under my ribs and can cause some great discomfort!! :) The kids re ready to see him, although we have not even come close to having a name ready for him.
If you will email me (emclement at gmail dot com) I will add you to the blog list. We realized with the kids playing sports and me naming several of the places we go and such, that it kind of made me a little queasy to think of who was reading it. So we chose to go private....but I am thinking of switching it back- sometimes quiet a hassle!
I had gotten a huge catalog from Sonlight and love all the books that are incorporated, but I was a little worried that it might be too much. I have millions of tags in my browser that I look at when I get the chance.


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