Monday, November 9, 2009

4 Months

Charlotte Kate is 4 months old today. I can't believe it!!! It really seems like she should be older! And yet, it seems like just yesterday that she was born!?
She is still super sweet! She will melt your heart! No, really. If you are blessed to lock eyes w/ her....she will melt your heart!

She's a giggle box. If she's in the swing or on the floor and some one walks by she will turn inside out just smiling away....even if they just walk past her! She loves to interact w/ people. She is super alert.

She is super mobile! If I put her down on the blanket and leave the room when I come back she will be clear on the other side of the room! She's a big time roller!

If I put a toy on the blanket she will inch her way to it, grab it and put it in her mouth! Amazing! I have to be careful when I'm "kangarooing" her in my sling while I cook now b/c she grabs at everything.

She's a big time thumb sucker. Yeah, I lost the battle...actually, I decided not to fight it. Once she turns 2 it will be a whole other story! She is also a toe sucker. Her toes are her favorite toys!

"Look Mom, no hands!"

We just love her to pieces! She's such a blessing! The kids still aren't tired of her and smother her w/ sugar every chance they get! Every day is so exciting to see what she'll do next! I love getting to know her!
She's super! Oh, and her hair is still red! I think it's for keeps! ;)


Jess said...

Love the red hair. She looks so much like her big brother! Adorable. I couldn't believe it when I read that she is only 4 months old. I guess it just seems so long ago that I was checking on here several times a day to see if she had made it into the world yet. Give her a big kiss for me!

jennifer said...

Seriously! Slow her down until I can get my hands on her!!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

So sweet and so cute!

YaYa and Pops said...

Oh ya, she's the best! Every mother's dream baby girl! (And every grandmother's dream too!! So many smiles!)

all4memories said...

What a sweet baby!!!

Jenny said...

she is so darn cute! just a question...did any of your kiddos use pacifiers? if did you get rid of them? cole is almost 2 and still uses one and, honestly, i am afraid to get rid of it. how sad is that?????

TexasNeals said...

suz was madly in love w/ her pacies! molly b too. here's what we did:
let me preface this w/ how scared and sad i was to do this!!!! suzannah had a pacy in her mouth almost all the time! when she slept she had one in her mouth and one in each hand! love i tell you! but i was afraid it was starting to affect her teeth and we just felt like 2 was a good age to end that chapter. anyway, we had tons of them all over the house. leading up to her second b-day i would casually mention to her that she would be such a big girl when she was 2 and that big girls didn't need pacies. so the day after she turned 2 during her afternoon nap i went around the house and cut off the nipple of all of her pacies but left the base right where i'd found it. when she woke up and she found them i would just tell her they were broken and act surprised and say, "oh man. oh well your a big girl now anyway" and really play up the fact that she was 2 now (it helped to have to birthday presents to distract her w/). i honestly don't really remember molly b's reaction but suz wasn't too phased at that point. that night was a whole other story! she cried and cried. i rocked her to sleep and it was a rough night. as was nap and night the next day. but amazingly enough, that was the end of it! until she found one on the floor of the car days later. i let her have it until she fell asleep and then i cut it and left it there. when she woke up she was like, "hey, that one broke too. strange." but she didn't even cry. i found that it was much easier on her than i'd thought it would be. i will say though, she slept w/ the base of her pacies for a long time. when she lost interest in them i eventually threw that part out too.
hope that helps. let me know how it goes and what y'all decide to do. :)


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