Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Walk...FINALLY!

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to post about the walk. I have made several attempts, but kept having trouble loading the pictures. I just decided to keep it simple and post a few.

Steven, Amanda and Parker Spiess. My Dad, our family and my Mom. Laura and Ethan Hill. Matt (Jessi's) Hill. Bethany, Caden, Deacon, and Braden Hoelzle. Jessi and Grayson Hill. And Steve (Laura's) and Isaac Hill.

The Walk to Cure 2009 was a huge success! Not only did we raise over $4,000 dollars, but we had a wonderful time doing it. A huge thank you to everyone that donated! It means the world to us. Here's a picture of our team. Suzannah said it felt so good to have so many people there for her. She felt special. THANK YOU!

Here she is on stage w/ some of the other kids w/ Type 1.

A grumpy and hungry Jack trying to put on a happy face.

Last year it was so neat b/c the walk was through down town. This year it was on a walking trail. It was great b/c it was pretty shady but we missed the sights. Suz walked the whole way and Molly Beth did pretty good. It helped to have so many little boys on our team.

Here's a family picture. My parents have been super supportive since the day Suzannah was diagnosed. They dropped everything and drove from San Antonio. They got there at bed time and stayed to help out. That was such a trying time and them being there encouraging, helping and learning right alongside us is how we didn't lose our minds! They know the toll that Diabetes takes on us's always nice to know there's someone that really understands.

And we made it. Last year we only did half but this year we walked the full 3.5 miles. I was pooped. I carried Charley Kate the whole way and really, since I've been pregnant or nursing for 5 1/2 years, I'm not in the best shape of my life! ;) Man, I was sore the next day! So sad. But we made it!
After the walk the gave out lunch and we were able to hang out. Suz wasn't pooped from the walk!
Here's sweet Jessi w/ sweet Charlotte.

Here's the shirt that Billy designed. I think he did a great job. At the bottom it says, "We walk for the SWEETEST girl we know." And then on the back in really small letters across the shoulders it says, "If you can read this you must be REALLY slow." Suz was proud.
It was a beautiful day. We are blessed w/ wonderful friends and family that love our sweet Suzy-Q so much. I just want to thank everyone so much for all your support. There really is a cure coming!!! I just read an article recently that said they are curing Type 1 in mice!!! So exciting! Thank you for helping fund research that will change so many lives!

How do 3 silly kiddos entertain themselves in a hotel room? They cram themselves into the TV cabinet of course!

That evening we went out to dinner w/ Billy's cousin and their 4 children. Can you just picture the guys face when we told him, "4 adults and 8 children"? Needless to say he sent us to the back room! We had such a great time visiting and letting the kids get to know each other!
I can't believe I didn't take any pictures!!! Arg. Next time. :)

And here are some pictures of Cakes back when I first attempted to publish this post.


Grams said...

It's nice to hear about the walk and see pictures. Know you all had a great time and for a great cause. Your parents certainly are a support to you and I know that means a lot to you and also to those of us who aren't as close by. We like knowing that you aren't alone and from seeing all those orange shirts you definitely aren't :)) Sweet pics of Charlotte too.

Ensor said...

Looks like you guys had a good crew. Wish we could have come. Tell Charley kate to stop growing until I see her!

Ensor said...

That was aunt jen :)

Rusty and Ann said...

Congrats on a successful walk! Miss you guys!


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