Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my's still dark. We are supposed to have some really bad storms today. I love the rain and storms...but hope we don't loose power.
I am thinking...about what needs to get done today.
I am thankful for...quiet mornings after hectic nights.
From the learning in history we are making stone tablets for Suzannah to carve hieroglyphics into. She's been looking forward to it all week.
From the kitchen...we've got fruit flies. Ug. I had great intentions of making banana bread last weekend w/ some overripe bananas, but got busy and didn't get to it. The result, fruit flies all over the kitchen. The worst part is that I went to the grocery store Tuesday and now they are attacking my fresh fruit! How do I get rid of them?
I am wearing...flannel pants, a tee shirt, and my fuzzy blue robe w/ rainbows and clouds on it.
I am creating...still working on Billy's blanket and coming up w/ a menu for the whole month of November.
I am reading...The Backyard Homestead. It's such an exciting read for me! We are learning about all sorts of cool things. We are going to take baby steps, but are excited to try out a bunch of new things! It teaches not only how to grow organic fruits and vegetables but how to keep bees, raise chickens, goats or even a cow. And the how to harvest and preserve your harvest. And that's just the beginning! Drying herbs, making cheese, tapping a maple tree and so much more! I'm weird, I know. :)
I am hoping...that today will be a wonderful day. Full of fun, learning and loving.
I am hearing...peace and quite.
I am praying...constantly. Having four kids and homeschooling....I just can't do it. I'm very aware of my dependence on Him. I am constantly asking for guidance and strength and patience and self control and gentleness and wisdom and thanks.
Around the house...I'm noticing little spiderwebs. I need to call and get the house sprayed.
One of my favorite things...eating breakfast as a family. We have been doing this for a few weeks now and I love it.
A few plans for the rest of the week...we don't really have anything set. It's Canton weekend and I'd love to go to that. I need to do some shopping too. I didn't do a good job of getting out of season clothes and now I'm having to play catch up. Jack and Suz need winter clothes and Charley Kate does too (all my baby winter stuff starts at 6 months!). And all the kids need shoes.
A picture thought to share with you...
Here goes nothin! We were planning on getting chickens next spring, but our friends chickens had some chicks and they were so kind to give them to us. They are doing great and the kids are enjoying taking care of them. We decided to go ahead and order our other chicks now instead of waiting. We've been preparing the yard and will have our coop in soon to get it set up. The chicks stay in their bin for quite awhile so we have time. Billy and the kids are really having fun w/ this. Having fresh eggs will be so neat. Raise your hand if you think we're nuts. Yeah, I know. But if you live near us you'll be able to get fresh eggs for next to nothing! :)


Neals in Nashville said...

Try a small glass of vinegar to attract the fruit flies. You can put some sort of lid on it with a hole in the middle and they will crawl in and drown, or you can leave the lid off and when they congregate you can get out the fly swatter or newspaper and go to town.

Jill said...

My sister & her husband had chickens. They kept them in an old tiny trailer at the edge of their property and they LOVED them. It was so much fun for my niece to gather the eggs. You have the right attitude & I'm sure your family will have a ball with them! Have fun with the book you're reading... maybe I'm weird, too, but it sounds really interesting and full of potential! Keep at it, Stace!:)

Rebekah said...

Here's my vote that your weird AND nuts! But you know how I love crazy people! - Especially since I am one myself! :) We'd love to buy eggs from you!

Rebekah said...

p.s. Chandler gained 10 oz in 8 days. I think that's pretty good, but we're still working on yhings. Just letting you know! :) Thanks for caring!

Rebekah said...

*still working on THINGS. (oops)

jennifer said...

Can you see my hand raised? I think your crazy but what else is new?;) also does that mean anything coming from a crazy women herself. I really thought your were crazy when I thought those chicks were gerbils. Love you guys.

Neals in Nashville said...

OK. I am going to say it. I thought the pic was a candle, melted wax, a piece of shag carpet, a milk pail and a piece of an erector set before I read what it was. Guess it is time to get my eyes checked.


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