Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window...I think the cool weather is coming back. No more humid muggy days please!
I am Thinking...that I forgot to RSVP for a birthday party Molly Beth is supposed to go to Sat. It's her first one and it's a princess theme...perfect!
I am Tankful For...all the time and effort my Mom put into making egg rolls for dinner tonight. They are one of our favorite things that she makes and the were wonderful. I ate too many and am still miserable!
From the Learning Room...we are learning about Egypt and pyramids and mummies in History. Thank goodness for the movie The Mummy. I wouldn't have been able to pronounce half the words w/o it!!! ;)
From the Kitchen...
ahhh, no dishes tonight.
I am sling. Love it.
I am Creating...nothing at the moment. But will be headed to the fabric store this weekend for fabric for the kids costumes for our church's Fall Fest next weekend.
I am Reading...the American Girl books to the girls during rest time. We're really enjoying them.
I am get a lot done this weekend!
I am Hearing...Billy sweet talking Charley Kate in the back.
I am Praying...for gentleness and wisdom and patience and gentleness.
Around the House...I'm trying to swap the closets. I'm still in process of switching all the summer clothes for winter clothes. Man it will feel good to get that done. I'm sick of looking at Rubbermaid bins in every room!!!
One of my Favorite excited the kids got about the fall decorations! They went running around the house giggling w/ excitement. Jack would see a pumpkin and say, "PUNKIN' AWE-SHOME!"
A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...It's my week to pick up the milk, but Mom likes driving in the country so she and Dad are going to get it (thank you!). Then Saturday is Molly Beth's little friend's party. Other than that, just get the closets straightened out, fabric store and get a bunch of yard work done. I'm SO excited to rip out my garden!!!
Here's a Picture Thought to Share w/ You...
Good bye Mr. Frog Potty. Jack has done great w/ the potty thing, but just this week I decided to get rid of the little potty. No more dumping, spraying, rinsing and wiping for me! Yay for the big flushable toilet! :)


Dixie said...

Such a cutie! Those little potties definitely serve a good purpose, but you reach a point when enough is ENOUGH! Do you have one of those removable seats to put on top of the big one so he doesn't fall in? You still have to spray those off, but it's not quite as high maintenance. Enjoy!

jennifer said...

It was great to talk this morning. I finished the girls costumes today with the exception of some bumblebee wings. I love them!


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