Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've Got My Hands Full!!!

With. Out. Fail. Every time I go somewhere w/ the kids, someone will smile and say, "Boy you've got your hands full!" And they don't know the half of it. I knew this would happen. I knew that once I got behind I'd start drowning in my to-do's. I don't know if I'll ever catch up!!! School is much more time consuming than last year. Trying to juggle school, household duties, meal preps and purchasing, hubby time, baby duty, and kiddo's just really hard. I'm struggling these days. Struggling to keep up w/ all my responsibilities...and keep priorities in order. Some days I think I'll loose my mind! Other days....I know I already have! But I'm still thankful for these blessings and although I know I'm completely inadequate for the task, I trust that God can fill the gaps. His grace is sufficient. And oh how I pray that He will have mercy on my children for all my shortcomings as a mother!!!
Once when Suzannah was just a baby I had a dream. A horrible dream. A dream that she died. I remember crying and saying over and over again, "My arms are empty. My arms are empty. My arms are empty." My heart still aches just remembering. But thank God, my arms are not empty. My arms are very full. In fact, my laundry baskets are full, my sink is full, my car is full, my table is full, my lap is full, my bed is full and my heart is so very very full. So yes, I've got my hands full. Every day has it's challenges. But by the grace of God we get through them and every day is another opportunity to be a better mom and wife and try to savor these precious years that go by so quickly. I absolutely love being able to stay home w/ all of my kids every day and am so thankful that I can. I'm also thankful that I don't have to do it alone.
So, when these strangers look at me...sometimes w/ pity, sometimes w/ awe, sometimes w/ disgust, and sometimes w/ longing....and say, "Boy, you've got your hands full." My response is always, "I sure do....but I'm so very thankful!"


Grams said...

Well said Stacey. By the way, you are a great mom and wife too. Just sayin:)

Life with the Akin Clan said...

Amen! One day when the house is all clean, we will wonder where they have all gone. I am always so thankful for kids to pick up after. (well, most of the time!)

We should get together and eat Lost balls! You have got to get into "Flashforward!" Charlie and Penny are both on there!!!

Jessi -in love with her boys:) said...

Oh Stacey,
You are so right. Ours hands are preciously full.What a joy and blessing your kiddos and hubby are.

Sometimes I long for what it would be like if my hands were a little more full,BUT, then I am reminded of how great Gods plan is. It is so great that we don't even realize it most all of the time until it is too late.

So I refuse, I refuse to let another day go by,another tear be shed,another small(compared to bigger families)load of laundry go by with out closing my eyes and thanking the good lord for all my blessings:D yes, even the laundry,dishes and occasional sassing.heehee.

You are a true blessing to those sweet babies and that hubby of yours,just as they are to you. You are real and you don't cover that up,and for that I am oh so blessed to know you as well:D
Have a Wondermous weekend.

Amy S. said...

Wonderful post, Stacey! I get the same comment all the time. It never, for a second, makes me doubt having four children. We enjoyed so much seeing you all next weekend and spending time with your family. Thank you for getting in touch. It was a blessing spending the evening with you all!

Silverthornes said...

thank you so much for sharing. I have thought about this lately as I too struggle with my priorities and being the best mom and wife I can be. I truly can't imagine what it would be like to have 4 kids and to juggle all the responsibilities you do but I really do admire you for your undeniable devotion to your family. KUDOS. When I am having a hard day, I just step back; it is a lot easier when I remember how blessed I truly am also. God is good.

Funny note: My mom had me and my siblings within 4 years (I am a twin) and she said when people would tell her it looked like her hands were full, she would reply, "This ain't nothing, I've got 4 more at home." End of conversation.

She told me of how people would just stare at her. Seriously, I am going to remind myself to say something sweet to the next lady I see who has a bundle of kids out and about. I think I will say "Good for you" or "Are they really cheaper by the dozen?" JK

Jeff and Kristina Sims said...

Always so well timed. How did you know I needed that? :) Love you! -Kristina

Jenny said...

what an excellent way to think about things! thank you once again!

Mamalion said...

Oh boy DO I UNDERSTAND! I would write more to encourage you, but laundry is staging a revolution and I must start my counter attack...

Bethany said...

I hate that I can relate with your "drowning" feeling and I've only got 2. You are a great mother and I'm thankful God has given you such "full hands" to bless the world with.


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