Friday, October 23, 2009

Costume Tease

I have shared b/f about our feelings/convictions about Halloween. So, we won't be celebrating, but we will be attending Fall Fest this weekend. It's at our church and the request for "positive" costumes has been presented so we're going to go. I'm glad it's not being held on the 31st and hopefully the costumes won't be scary. We're hoping for an evening filled w/ "good not evil, life not death, joy not fear and light not darkness." The kids are super excited.

They've been helping w/ their cosutmes.

Any guesses what they'll be this year?

I'm a nut and am continuing our themed costumes. They turned out awesome! They can't wait to wear them!


Michael said...


jennifer said...

cowboy and indians?

Donna said...

Krista and Aunt Donna think they're going to be Indians or Rock Stars.

Marie said...

I am going with Indians

Jessi -in love with her boys:) said...

Girl, I knew we were related.LOL
We don't do Halloween either. I have had strong convictions of this since I was young. It was oh so clear to me when Grayson was young and didn't care for the ads on T.V.
Then last year he said out and out that he was glad we didn't because he thought it was mean.Hahah. We do a little fall fest at a church but that is it. So glad the kids are excited.
Love ya'll


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