Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm super behind on my posts b/c I've been working on a post about our vacation and have been having trouble!!! Arg! So today I'm back tracking.

Charley Kate has had several out of town visitors! Billy's Mom has been down to see us twice since she was born. She has been busy moving into her new home in Nashville, but has been so kind to break away for a nice visit. The kids always love when Grams comes and can't wait to go visit her!

Billy's Aunt and Grandmother also stopped by to welcome the sweet baby. They were on their way up to Dennison to visit one of Billy's cousins but we were so glad they stayed the night in Longview so we could spend a little time w/ them!

On the day they were leaving, Suzannah had a softball tournament. They drove an hour out of their way just to see her play. She was beyond thrilled! It mean so much to her and made her feel very special. :)

Her team ended up coming in 3 rd. She has been practicing all summer and will start games for the Fall season. She's loving it! She plays second base and does pretty well. :)

While Uncle Brian was here he got in a good amount of bonding w/ Charley Kat.

He's a natural w/ kids!

He works in a trophy shop and was so thoughtful to bring some trophies for the kids. He helped them assemble them. Suzannah thought it was great and even has been considering working in a trophy shop when she grows up!! :)

Here they are w/ their finished product. It was so cute. On the plate it says, "Uncle Brian Loves You!" They were so proud and had so much fun!!

Things have been hectic around here but hopefully I'll get our vacation post up b/f too long! Oh, and if you're interested in joining our team for the Walk to Cure, please let us know asap. We are hoping to order tee shirts this weekend. Billy and Suzannah designed them and they're really cute! We'd love to get you one! :)
Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week!


Shyla said...
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Jess said...

Looks like so much fun. It was nice to see pictures of Aunt Vail, Donna and Grandmother. What a sweet gift Brian brought for the kiddos.

jennifer said...

You have been busy with visitors. Wish I could have come with them.


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