Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School Days

*I didn't get Molly Beth's picture or any pictures of me w/ them! Right after I took this one of Suzannah I was called away....aka poopy diaper. Then I got distracted and never got the pictures. :(

Our first week of school went really well. Charley Kate continues to sleep through it (thankfully), Jack has been staying busy, Molly Beth can't get enough and Suzannah is finally feeling challenged. I'm so excited about this year and all the things I'm they're going to learn! :) I posted about our curriculum last time, but this time I want to share what I have based our days around.

"The early years are the time to sow seeds of honoring God

and parents, developing the capacity for language

and the appetite for learning, enriching the memory,

encouraging creativity, and instilling a work and service ethic.

These are the kind of things which will lay a good foundation

for the formal academics later. First things come first.

Academics must be built upon a good moral foundation."

This is an excerpt from and article called Ten Things to Do With Your Child Before Age 10. It basically says that there are 10 basic things that you should focus on w/ your children b/f they turn 10 and that these things will lay a firm foundation for them as people and for their education as a whole. When I read it I was so inspired!!!

Here is their list of 10:

1. Reading and Writing-Phonics, Copy work, English Notebook

2. Oral Narration-Daily!

3. Memorization- Bible, poetry, passages of literature, Greek and/or Hebrew alphabet, etc.
4. Hearing and Listening- Read aloud 2 hours daily

5. Family Worship- Family Bible study-morning and evening

6. Arts and Crafts- time, space and materials to develop creativity

7. Field Trips and Library

8. Work and Service- chores and serving others (nursing home, etc.)

9. Discipline- first time obedience

10. Play and Exploration- Develop imagination

Isn't this a wonderful list! I read the article towards the end of last year and began incorporating it into our days. This year I am really going for it and focusing our days around this list. So, we've had a great start to the year and hopefully things will continue to go well. I've already said this, but this past week has definitely confirmed it...this year the biggest thing I'll have to learn is flexibility! ;)

I hope everyone is ready to start school and has a wonderful year!!!


Amy Mccathran said...

Thanks for sharing that list. It would be great thing to post on the refrigerator as a reminder of goals for the kids. I love how well-rounded it is...shaping all aspects of their development from the intellectual to the spiritual!

Grams said...

Looks like you are all off to a great start. Suz is sooo pretty -- like her mom (and dad).


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