Saturday, August 8, 2009

If You Have a Newborn or Hope to Someday...

There are 2 things that I want to share. The first thing is the baby language. Have you heard of that? I had heard of mother’s knowing their baby’s cry, but for some reason I couldn’t get the knack of it. I could deduct what the problem was, but it wasn’t b/c of the sound of the cry. Then, when I was pregnant w/ Jack this lady was on Oprah. She has a gift w/ hearing things. I don’t remember all of it, but the main thing was that she was able to discern common sounds that all babies make…all. Then she realized that they meant something. Long story short, I wrote down the sounds and their meanings and waited to see if it was true. I had Jack and sure enough, she was right!! It was amazing! So I’ve been using it w/ Charley Kate too and it helps so much. It doesn’t fix things every time, but at least it takes the guess work out of trying to figure out why they are fussing.

Here is what she discovered:

Neh- hungry



Eair-lower gas pain


She has a little disclaimer. These sounds are no longer audible once the baby gets really upset. It’s the sound they make when they first start to express that they are upset. AND this “language” doesn’t last forever. I forget how long…I want to say 9 months? Anyway, I just thought that it’s been helpful to me and that there may be someone out there that it would help.

The second thing I wanted to share is this wonderful book. I discovered it when I was pregnant w/ Jack. I LOVE it. I must make it my own…but for now it’s from the Library. It’s called 101 Things to do With a Baby by Jan Ormerod. It’s so wonderful. The kids love it. They look through it over and over.

Here are some pictures:

I love the sleepy headed mother nursing her baby and reading to her big girl. Haven’t we all been there! :)

I love all the preparation for the baby’s bath! It’s just like my girls! My favorite it the one of the little girl wearing the baby towel in all her gear!

Finally the baby goes down for a nap and she gets to have some Mommy time. Take a look at the house. So true to life! ;)

HA! Suzannah said, “What’s that?!” This is an old book. Check out the seat belts and the car seat?!

At the top of each of these pictures it’s saying how you can hold a baby. I love that she decides that the best way is w/ her on her Daddy’s back.

She is so sweet and loving to her baby brother, but he tears her book and she gets mad at him. She yells at him and makes him cry. She feels badly and they make up. Oh the life of a big sister. This is a great book. If you have a new baby, run to the Library and check it out!!!


Charity Boozier said...

You make me want to read and/or get this book. Another one that we had with Taylor and love to read is "I Love you Forever". It talks about the mom singing to the boy as he goes through each stage of life and then he sings the same song to his little girl when he grows up. I still can't read it w/o tearing up. Thanks for sharing.

April said...

I love those tiny baby feet!!! Glad you guys are doing well!!!!


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