Monday, July 27, 2009

School Time

For us, it's that time of year again. Time to start a new school year. We are starting a week from today and I am so ready!! We have all our curriculum and I have Augusts lessons planned. For Kindergarten we did My Fathers World and for first grade we did Sonlight. Both were great curriculums, just not a perfect fit for our family in this season. So this year I decided to pick curriculum by subject instead of brand. I'm so excited about what we've got!

Here's what we will be doing:
Reading: Pathway Readers Grade 2 and Sonlight Core 2 Readers
Writing: Handwriting w/o Tears and Sandi Queen's Copy Work for Little Girls
Math: Horizons 2
History: The Story of the World
Spelling: Sequential Spelling
Art: Lamb's Book of Art
Science: My parent's taught Suzannah science last year and will continue this year as well. They will be doing various unit studies.

Molly Beth:
I chose the Rod and Staff preschool/Kindergarten program.
I will be supplementing with Kindergarten curriculum from my year of teaching.
She'll also be using Handwriting w/o Tears

Jack will have blanket time for 1 hour of school time and then be allowed to go play or watch a 30 minute show. I'm getting together bins for him to work with. There will be a different bin for every day of the week.

Circle Time:
This is a common concept to Kindergarten teachers. You do calendar, discuss weather etc. We'll be working on a lot of memorization during this time. We will "do Bible", memory verses, character traits, Hymns for a Kid's Heart, we're learning the states and capitols, planets, books of the Bible, etc. We'll also use this time to do seasonal things and read through a few books together. The first one will be "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends."

The main thing I'm looking forward to is a routine!!! We haven't had a routine for a long time now and I can really tell. At first they get so excited about all the free time, but after awhile they get bored....and I don't know about your kiddos, but when mine get bored, they tend to get wild! They run and chase and worst of all they are loud!!! Ever since the Charley Kate was born I have been super sensitive to the noise level. I used to be able to tune out "kid racket" but now it absolutely drives me bonkers! I just seem to have a lower tolerance level right now...I don't know if it's just postpartum, lack of sleep or hormones, but hopefully it will wear off! SO, getting back on our schedule will help out a lot w/ that!

Here's what our schedule will look like (in general):

6:00 me up, dressed, quiet time, fix Billy's breakfast. The kids will trickle in as they wake up.
7:00 morning habits (if someone is not up I'll wake them)
7:30 breakfast
8:00 circle time
9:00 responsibilities
10:00 school time
11:30 lunch
12:30 girls quiet reading in room/ Jack story time
1:00 Jack nap/ read aloud w/ girls
2:00 girls play time in room or outside(depending on the weather)/ computer time for me
2:30 snack
3:00 school wrap up

Wednesday's we have ELO (starting in Sept) and on Friday afternoons instead of school we'll go to the Library.
This was about the same schedule as last year and it seemed to work really well. We'll see how it goes when you throw a newborn into the mix!! I'm really nervous about getting all our stuff in while juggling a toddler and newborn?! One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that you can be flexible. If things don't get done during the "allotted" time you just fit it in when you can. Well, flexibility is something that I struggle w/ with these types of things. I have a "school-school" mentality that I'm still trying to get out of. I was better last year than the first and hopefully I'll be even better this year....I have a feeling I'll have to be!! ;)


The Nortons said...

YAY...I love back to school time as well:) As much as I like to think I'm not a routine follower the more I realize that I like routine and need it! I agree kiddos do much better with it as well! Hope you and the kiddos have a wonderful school year!

laura said...

you seriously amaze me!

Life with the Akin Clan said...

I think you will do great! You do not give yourself near enough credit for what you do. Your kids are great kids and are brilliant! I am so ready for ELO! Picnic time! I look forward to seeing my friends just as much as the kids do. ;-)

Mabry's gamma said...

You definitely are going to have your hands full but I have no doubt that you can do it Stacy. Take a deep breath and it will all fall into place.

Love to all,
Aunt Cheri

Laura said...

Looks like you have some great stuff! I pray that all goes well with a new one in the mix! Just think, this year Suzy is going to be doing a lot on her own!!

I am so going to miss ELO this year!!

Jess said...

I can't wait to hear all about how it is going. I am sure that you are going to do wonderfully, newborn and toddler included.

It isn't for a few more years, but I have been giving more and more thought to homeschooling Mabry when the time comes. The schools around here are just awful. So I might be contacting you in the future for some tips and ideas. :)


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