Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can I Get a Witness!?

I am trying to keep a positive attitude about this whole "still pregnant" thing and last night I was reflecting on all the things that become difficult toward the end of pregnancy. Things that you normally don't even have to think about. Here's my top 10. What am I forgetting?

10. Walking. Let's start w/ the basics b/c, lets face it, when you reach the end of your pregnancy, even the most simple things can get complicated.
9. Bending over. Again, basic, but when you no longer have a makes it difficult!
8. Rocking babies to sleep. W/ Jack it's just that it pushes on my belly, but w/ Molly Beth...there's just not enough lap left. By the time I'm ready to put her down her little bootie has slid down and she's pretty much folded in half!
7. Saying no to foods you shouldn't eat...and knowing when to stop. I don't know if it's just b/c I'm ravenous all the time or b/c I'm just giving myself all kinds of liberties I wouldn't normally give myself b/c I'm 10 months preggo and feel sorry for myself, but I'm eating all kinds of stuff I wouldn't normally eat...and in very large proportions!
6. Grocery shopping. Something I forget every pregnancy is that point when you so grocery shopping and you lean over the front of the cart to put the cans of green beans in and you are embarrassingly stopped your belly. You have to check the isle to make sure no one is coming so that you can walk around to the side of the buggie to put your things in.
5. Washing dishes. At some point you have to bend forward to simply wash the dishes! This is also the case if you must cook on the back burners of the stove. By the time the dishes are clean your back is spasming!
4. Shaving legs. This becomes a problem on several levels. Not only is it quite a challenge to balance this ever growing body on one leg, but b/c of the big o' belly there are places on the leg that are near impossible to reach!!! Not to mention the switching of legs...for me this is the worst part b/c my pelvis is so tender.
3. Getting out of bed. God in His infinite wisdom made this whole pregnancy thing so smart. The fact that our bladders get smooched by the baby and cause us to pee 3 times more than normal is genius!!! Especially at night. Can you imagine how much more challenging it would be to get up several times at night w/ a newborn if we were already getting full nights of sleep? We are practically already on a feeding schedule b/c of all our potty runs. The difference is that getting up is so much harder when your pregnant. Heaven forbid you are facing the opposite direction of the edge of the bed and you have to roll over!!! I know it must look hilarious!
2. Getting up from the floor. I honestly try to avoid getting on the floor at all costs, but having littles makes that difficult. Not only does it hurt, but the steps that must be made to mearly get into a position that you may be able to actually get into a standing position from are many. For me, there's no getting to vertical w/ first getting on all fours. My children actually stand there and stare at me while they wait for me to get up. It's embarrassing....and I must laugh at myself.
1. Peeing in a cup. Isn't life ironic? When else in life do you have to catch your urine so frequently. W/o getting too graphic....just trust ain't easy. And here's hoping you remember to actually pee in the cup! I usually have to go so badly by the time I'm at my appointment! Once w/ Jack and once w/ Molly Beth I actually peed while holding the cup just staring at it?! It's very embarrassing to tell your doctor that you emptied your bladder but forgot to catch any. The good thing is, by the end of the appointment you usually have another sample ready to deposit!!!

Anyone? Do you remember? Can you identify? Am I the only one? Can I get a witness?


Dixie said...

sing it sister!

I think I had a harder time getting out of bed in the weeks following all my deliveries than towards the end of my pregnancies. Granted, I never went 10 months (HOLY COW!!!) but I think that's because they were sections.

Being prego this time of year is no picnic. I remember with Jaylie, leaning over to Eric is bible class saying,"My belly is making my legs sweat." Nice.

Hang in there. I keep checking your blog to hear the announcement. YOu'll have to see about adding a trumpet fanfare to it when she actually gets here


Meredith H. H. said...

Hi Stace :)

I have to say that when I was reading the one about not having any lap room.....all I could do was picture the drawings of Mama Bear (you know, from Berenstein Bears) pregnant with Sister Bear (LOVE those names!!), unable to hold Brother Bear on her lap anymore. You're such a sweet mommy!

Thinking about and praying for you with these last few days of pregnancy!

Love ya!

Jess said...

The grocery cart made me laugh. I can remember when that happened to me. Hang in there. Hopefully it will be over soon!

Neals in Nashville said...

Imagine being a guy and the grocery cart thing happening! Guess I need to start running again!

Rebekah said...

Ha Stacey! I enjoyed that! Of course I remember most of those things very well! I was at an appointment at the midwife's house and I left the cup on the counter out of reach and had to yell for Hilliard to come in the bathroom and bring it to me. I was so proud of myself to learn I could stop myself mid-flow...too much info?! :) Thanks for the fun reminders!

Davies Family said...

Hilarious and so true! Hang in there Stacey!

The Clevelands said...

It's been 5 years, but I remember well. I remember especially about waking up to go to the bathroom. I actually couldn't wait until the baby was born, because I thought I'd actually get more sleep!

April said...

LOL! Yes! I do remember. Thanks for the humor. Hang in there. Out of curiousity, will they ever induce you if you just don't go into labor on your own? I know you want everything to be natural, which is obviously the best plan...but I'm just starting to get concern about the well being of the baby being this overdue...or perhaps this little one's due date is really unknown? Sigh. I truly don't want to worry you; I just want to be sure they (midwife, MD, whoever) are taking care of you and baby, too. We are praying daily for the both of you. Thanks for the update!

TexasNeals said...

thank you for your concern. the due date has always been questionable. my first sono said the baby was due july 3rd, but i was measuring along w/ the june date so we kept it there. slowly my measurements have slowed down placing me at the july date. at my sono a couple of weeks ago the baby, fluid, placenta, etc all looked good and he gave me a due date of july 1st. my midwife assured me that she wasn't worried so i'm trusting her. thank you for your prayers and hopefully i'll be having this baby SOON!!!! :)

April said...

Thank you SO much for the detailed update. I feel so much better now. I was really quite worried thinking with an earlyish June due date that you were way overdue...which has its own series of problems. I feel much more at peace knowing that your due date might be July 1st or 3rd ish. We will keep right on praying for you all, and thank you for the extra information. I really am excited for you! May God bless you, this baby, and your entire family. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of this precious baby whenever the time is right. :)

Caldwell Clan said...

I also want to add swapping the clothes in the wash. I mean really.. I think that when you are pregnant you need go go gadget arms, so that you can reach those itty bitty socks that are at the very bottom of the washer. I remember having to turn sideways to reach stuff.

Marie said...

I have to get up 2-3 times a night now as it is- think it will get worse?? I sure hope not! I totally understand the rolling out of bed thing. Since I had sections with mine, that was the hardest thing after having them for a week or two. And the grocery cart thing! Ugh....gottcha there too! :)

Hang in there! Praying for a soon to see beautiful baby!

Silverthornes said...

This was hilarious. It is good to have a sense of humor about all of this. Either laugh or cry right? You are doing great!

I would say the getting out of bed thing was SO true for me when I was full term. I had to motivate myself to get out of bed.
The only other thing I could think of that was difficult for me was fixing Aubrey's hair. I had no lap room. I think I just had her sit next to me towards the end of my pregnancy while I attempted to do her hair.


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