Monday, June 8, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Summer

I realize that it's not officially summer, but the weather is hot, the pool is open and school is out! So it might as well be!!! I was thinking about all the things that help get us through the summer and I thought I'd share some of them. I just know I'll think of some great ones after I post this....oh, well. Here are some off the top of my head:


These are the most amazing little blocks! I just love them. They are great for kids of ALL ages. They are even better than blocks b/c they don't fall over! All three of mine will sit there and play w/ them for very long periods of time. Even Jack! One day he played w/ them the entire time we did school!!! The aren't the cheapest toy, but definitely worth the money!!

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Cedarmont Kids videos.

These are great little movies. Suz will watch them some but she's kind of outgrown them. The little ones, however, are memorized by them! They learn all kinds of songs and you have half an hour to get something done! HA! But be forewarned, your children will sing songs while moving their heads back and forth from then on!

Praisebaby Cds.

I've mentioned these b/f. They are beautiful cds! Great to have playing during rest time. The easiest way to memorize scripture is through music!!

I Spy Books.

Our kids want us to read these every night! They are lots of fun and great for visual discrimination.'s fun and sometimes challenging for the parents!

Gotta love the Leapster!

We have about worn ours out! The little games are educational and it's a fun treat to get to play video games. Entertaining and educational...a winning combination!

One word....ELEFUN!

This game is the greatest. We've had our for several years and the kids still get thrilled when we play it. It's a game they can play on their own, it helps w/ eye/hand coordination and they will play it for a long time! After awhile they will start making up crazy ways to play, but that's fine w/ me. They love it and I think everyone should have it.

This pool has been our favorite.

We have tried several through the years and this is the one we will be using from now on. We've had it for 2 years...well, we had to get a new one last summer b/c our dog attacked it. It's big. Big enough for the parent to actually get to sit in the nice cool water while supervising the kiddos. Depending on how deep you fill it, the older ones can actually swim. It comes w/ a nifty cover so you don't have to empty it and refill it daily which is great! And, if your a family of can all fit! :)

Melon Baller.

This is a must have for the summer. My children are crazy about melons of all kinds. Serving them the melons in balls is so much fun. They love it and I actually think it's easier than cutting them up!

Popsicle Molds.

I think I've shared that growing up the only kind of Popsicle we had was fruit juice in Popsicle molds. We loved them and now that's what I enjoy giving my kids. I feel great about them having a Popsicle every day b/c it's juice! It's a super money saver and really easy! You can get super creative or just keep it super simple. The kids don't care! It's a wise investment.


You can't have summer w/o bubbles. I have been really disappointed w/ the bubbles I've purchased lately. SO, I found a homemade recipe that is awesome!
gallon of water
2/3 c. dish soap
2-3 Tbs. glycerin
Just combine in a clean milk jug and let the kids have a ball.
It makes a ton and is super cheap. The bubbles work great!

Water balloons are always fun. It's kind of a pain to pick up all the little pieces of plastic and it's kind of a worry w/ the little ones, but we usually just play w/ them in the pool. They aren't as likely to pop and they will play w/ one for a long time.

In the summer I buy lots of crafts for the kids to do. Wal-mart and Michaels are my favorite places to purchase them. I try to get a pretty good stash of them and then pull them out at the perfect time. Kids love crafts and you can find some neat and easy ones.

Washing the car in their swimsuits is always a big hit! It's a win-win activity! :)

K, these are just a few. What are some fun things you remember from growing up or like to do w/ your own kiddos? Please share, we all need the ideas. :)


Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

I remember washing the car in my bathing suit, great fun! I also was crazy about picnics in the yard under a shady tree. You have a wonderful list. I can't top it.


Jaime said...

We do the homemade popsicles, too. I can decide how much sugar the kids get and I"m more likely to say yes to a popsicle! :-)

I'm definitely getting the pool you mentioned. Just this week, someone else recommended the same one. I think the kids are too big for our small one.

Thanks for great ideas!!

Charity Boozier said...

We like to go to the library during the week. It is a great getaway, and air conidtioned and I am not tempted to spend money.

I love the popsicles too. Did those as a kid and still love them today. Daddy and T "share" the package.

Playing in the sprinkler! Forget the pool we had more fun running around the yard and now my daughter loves it. In fact, she asked me about 30 minutes ago to set it up.

What great memories.

Marie said...

We love the popsicles too! We also love sidewalk chalk, picnics under the trees, there is a kids pool in the town where I work, and we love trips to the zoo (free with the pass)

all4memories said...

Thanks for sharing the list. We do alot of those as well. We also enjoy getting out and throwing the frisbee, playing kickball, and each child making their own individual ice cream in a zip-loc sandwich bag. It gets hard on the hands after a while, but it also gives the kids a cool treat.

TexasNeals said...

love the ideas ladies! picnics, of course! i actually remembered the library about an hour after i posted....duh. the library is definately a must!!! we really need to go to the zoo this year! molly beth has only been once, when she was 3 months old and jack has never been. it's shameful...i know!
oh, and ice cream in a bag! i've read about that somewhere. how do you do it? it sounds like fun!


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