Monday, June 29, 2009


*Sigh* Well, nothing new here. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so I'll update everyone tomorrow w/ what she says and I'll do another belly shot. So much for having a petite one this time....I think that this one will be even bigger than Jack....Lord have mercy.
I am getting burnt out. The fact that I have to come up w/ another menu for this week and go grocery shopping is so discouraging. Billy is trying to convince me to break onto my freezer meals, but I just know I'll regret it if I do, so I've got a really simple menu for this week that hopefully we won't need all of.
I thought I'd just post some pictures of my littles b/c there haven't been many pictures lately. Thank you for your continued prayer and encouragement. I hope everyone is having a great week.

(oh how I love those curls!!!)


Jess said...

Hopefully you will be breaking into the frozen meals soon and savoring time with the newest little Neal.

Shyla said...

How excited I was to find you have a blog! You've never linked to it before when commenting on mine.

What a sweet family. It will be soon, promise :o)

Even though this time I went early, I know how it feels to be late too!

Watching eagerly!!


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